Christian Poetry: Bethlehem

Christian Poetry: Bethlehem

As the travellers passed by,

One fell never to rise again;

Rachael, Jacob's beloved was gone.

He refused to be comforted; 

His beloved was buried six foot 

below the ground, 

covered with sand,

In so little a town.


Although they were not married,

She thought he loved her; 

At least, that's how it felt,

when he was deep within her.

Maybe she'd been wrong. 

The craziness in the town, 

The push of her beloved, 

The sounds she tried to drown,

While they pounded her, 

filled her with forbidden seeds,

 Led to the evil thoughts she fed on,

Covered with nothing but blood

As she took her last breathe.

The  deed was not forgotten,

For her parts still lie in the 

different clans, rotten.


The creator had forsaken them;

The grounds refused to produce,

The animals mated but couldn't reproduce.

There was huger in the land.

She left with her family,

She returned with nothing but a barren daughter-in-law.

The loneliness made her Mara.

Bitterness and barrenness, 

Loss and grief. Maybe it was karma.

But the creator wasn't asleep

He'd been planning, making sure everything led to a happy ending.

For the daughter-in-law would by her obedience,

Bring home a husband, riches, and an end to barrenness.

With her came a bundle of cuteness

Which the women from Bethlehem would name OBED.

He was just a shepherd boy,

From the country side of Bethlehem

Till he killed a nine foot plus giant

With a stone and a sling.

The unworthy country boy would someday become king.

The prophet thought it was by stature

God wanted a good heart posture.

The shepherd boy was the man for the job, for He was close to God. 

He'd sob and beg when he got led by his flesh.

He wasn't perfect but he was the man after God's own heart.

He'd grow to become the great grandfather of the prophesied Messiah.

The little town of Bethlehem was little no more.

 For out of it came mighty men of old.

From Bethlehem came Joseph, 

the great-grand child of the King, David.

Joseph, the bright carpenter had found Mary.

They were young,

They were in love; 

Engaged with a time to be married.

Suddenly, she was pregnant.

It wasn't for him. 

They'd decided to have sex only after she was fully his.

Maybe he'd been a fool

To believe she'd keep her cool

Instead she'd opened her legs for another man, to feed till she's full.

 Although, she'd made him a fool,

He wasn't one to make her a mockery tool.

He was going to end the arrangement for good

Till the angel told him the baby was a gift, sent to pay the freedom price for humanity in full.

He became a sudden father - he was good

He took her as his wife, but didn't make a sexual move.

Held her as she puked, 

Prepared her amazing food

And tended to her as she carried the world's gift.

The time came for the baby to arrive but there was no room in an inn for his birth

In hay, in a manger for animals he laid,

As men bearing gifts from afar came.

They'd seen his star and had come to worship,

He who would someday reign forever and still deserves all our worship.

Bible references: Genesis 35:19, Judges 19&20, Ruth 4:17-22, 1 Samuel 16:1-13, Micah 5:2, Matthew 1:18-2:12, Like 2:1-4



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