It is of His Mercy: Gospel Today Devotional - 11th January, 2024

One of the many attributes about God is that he is merciful, meaning that he doesn't deal with us based on that which we've done, or that which we do. It also means that he forgives, and pardons. Praise God. The scripture in Romans 5:8 explains to us that while we were yet sinners, that is, even when we didn't have the hope of being saved, and when we had no knowledge of his love, he sent his son to die for us. Praise God. Nothing else describes this as mercy.

It is of His Mercy: Gospel Today Devotional - 11th January, 2024

This is because that which should have been our reward was eternal damnation, but then his mercy spoke. Mercy does not regard fault, mercy does not regard status, mercy respects no position, God's mercy is not partial. By his mercy we were saved, and by his mercy we are sustained. Praise be to God who in his mercy has made us whole, and who in his mercy has made us his. God's mercy endures forever, that is, even generations to come will still sing, and tell of his mercy. Praise God.

When mercy speaks for a man, it would look as though the man never sinned, as though he never was blind, as though he never was deaf, as though there was never an issue of blood. It would be as though all things were perfect from the very beginning. Today, we shall be considering something very important from scripture, and the passage of scripture under consideration is seen below,

"So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy".(Romans 9:16).

There's the need to understand that God's mercy covers all aspect of the believer's life. The believer therefore needs to attest to the fact that he can do nothing aside God's mercy. The scripture in Psalms 136 says to give thanks to the Lord, why? Because his mercy endures forever. This is that which the believer has to bear in mind at all times; the fact that God had mercy on him, and he is sustained still as a result of his mercy. Glory to God!

Have you ever seen an athlete run? You would agree with me that before he got on the track, there was first a decision he had to make, that is, the decision to run, and not just run but also to win. The fact the he wins the race are as a result of two things, the will to run, and then, running itself. However for the believer, it is not so.

In this kingdom, things are different. The path to victory for the believer is not a function of his will to do something, neither is it a function of him doing that thing, it is the Lord whose mercy secures victory for the believer. While he may achieve 0% by his will, and action, the mercy of the Lord ensures a hundred percent, why? Because God's mercy enables ease, and also to the end that no man should glory in himself, but if he must, let him give glory to the one whose mercy endures forever. May these words exhort your hearts today. Amen.

Thought for the Day

The secret to victory in God's kingdom is not in your will to do something nor is it in your action but it is a function of his mercy.

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