Burning Altars by Samuel Adeseyoju

Burning Altars by Samuel Adeseyoju
Back in the days of old in Israel
There were a group of people God appointed
This group is the tribe of Levi
Chosen out of the twelve tribes
From the group came a family
Assigned the tasks of an intercessor
This was the posterity of Aaron
They were called the priests of the Most High God
They were to slaughter animals
And offer the meats as sacrifices upon the altar
Having several reasons to make sacrifices
But the constant ones are the burnt and the sin offerings
Done to make propitiation for the people's iniquities
God knowing that the people couldn't do without sinning daily,
Commanded His priest to keep the fire in the altar burning
'cause those offerings would have to be everyday
Glory! Jesus Christ came to take the rites away
Once and for everybody, He offered His body in place
The Anointed One of God became a Priest
He entered into the heavenly Holy of Holies
And presented Himself to the Father
His body oozing a pleasing aroma
He got His holy blood sprinkled on God's altar
Burning like a fire on the altar
It consumes all manner of sins and the roots
Therefore, the ones who surrender themselves to the priesthood of Christ,
He offers them to God as pleasing sacrifices
Having burned sins out of their lives by His blood
They become the righteousness of God in Him
Having made them dead to sin,
He made them alive unto God
Now they are living by His Mind
And thenceforth, they desire not to sin
They make their bodies altars
For Christ has made them royal priests
Out of their bodies, come holy and acceptable sacrifices
The sacrifices of praise and obedience
They consider it their duty
Offering them continually to God upon their altars
They are burning altars!
They've set themselves on fire
To burn for God forever
These altars will be with Him
And forever and ever, they will be His priests
Behold, I am a burning altar!

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