In Zion by Victoria Ilemobayo

 In Zion by Victoria Ilemobayo

In Zion.
There's a fragrance that flourish in Zion,
He is- one who takes pure glee in timbrel & lyre.
More beautiful than the little lilies.

I stand in awe of his majesty,
In him,we live,move & have our being,
Kadosh- the ancient king,who reigns without a rein.

Inexhaustible God- blue and purple is your clothing.
Your voice is like the sound of many waters,
The world lies gently in your holy hands,
Your praises shall continuously dance in the lips of angels
Twenty and four hours, a day.

Behold, the wind delightful goes where you sent it
And now, shall all souls seek peaceful solace in Zion.

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