The Blazing Altar by Victor Ogar

The Blazing Altar by Victor Ogar

Scene One.

Light Falls
(In a large but extensively furnished sitting room, Ichie Ikemba moved to and fro at a slow but steady pace, his face adorned with a well crestfallen brow signifying displeasure at the events which had been occurring in the past days, he aggressively picked up the table in the centre of the living room and flung it towards the direction of the television severely damaging  the home theatre. His wife Stella on hearing the sound of the occuring destruction ran down the stairs with genuine  fear and concern well displayed on her face.)
Stella: (With a look of concern on her face) Nna Anyi are you okay?
Ikemba:( He yelled with an enraged expression on his face) Get Upstairs right now Stella.
Stella:(Confused at her husband's reaction) Ichie what has come over you ehn?
Ikemba: (Still in his furious manner) Get upstairs now or you will regret knowing has come over me.
Stella:(Turns and slowly ascends the stairs) I am just trying to show concern and he is there behaving like a crazy psychopath.
Ikemba:(Surprised on hearing her bold reply) What did you just say?(Forcefully advancing at her)
Stella:(Boldly) I said what you heard me say.(Moving up the stairs but this time at a faster rate. Ikemba advanced at his wife aggressively but he wasn’t fast enough because by the time he got to the top of the stairs,Stella had jammed the door close securing the lock from the inside.)
Ikemba: (Banging on the door furiously) Stella open this door else.
Stella: (Sarcastically) Else what huh, else what.
Ikemba: (Still vibrating with rage) Stella open this door by yourself because if i open this door myself, you wouldn’t like where you will find yourself
Stella: (Yelling with obvious disgust in her voice) See if you like bang on the door till neighbours gather and ask what the problem is and I will simply tell them you are trying to kill me for trying to show concern as to what is bothering you and if you dare lay a finger on me when i come out of this room,  I will scream and the neighbours will know the kind of man they have neighbour and the kind of man i have as a husband so go ahead try me.
Ikemba: (In an almost defeated tone) Stella, I promise you wouldn’t get away from this.
Stella: I already have.
(Ikemba whose resolve to violently deal with his wife has melted as wax before a fire in the presence of his wife’s threat slowly moved down the stairs while using the stair railings to support himself.
With rage in his heart he cursed Ebuka the source of his misery.)
Ikemba: Ebube I promise you will forever live to regret the day your conception occurred.
I promise to ensure that happens even if it’s the last thing I do.  (He cursed furiously as light slowly fades)   

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Scene Two

Light Falls

(A young man in his early twenties lay on the bed in the sparingly furnished room which formed a joint  collaboration with his badly faded pair of shorts and brown singlet to depict poverty. With his eyes focused on the phone, he called out to his sister who was sweeping the room badly concretized floor with palm fronds.)
Man: (In excitement) Hey Sister Sandra come look at this.(Moving his phone towards her direction.)
Sandra: (Obviously annoyed by her brother's nonchalant attitude.) Ebuka what is it now ehn allow me finish my work as you wouldn’t do anything in this house except to make noise, eat and sleep.
Ebuka: Sister Sandra i would love you to see this or better still let me tell you.
Sandra: Go ahead and tell me. My ears are open (She said without abandoning the floor she was sweeping)
Ebuka: Sister Sandra stop so you can listen to me now.
Sandra: Ebuka what is your problem, I told you to speak and i will hear you as i neither listen with my hands nor sweep with my ears.
Ebuka: Alright fine i will speak. Bro Tony, Uncle Ikemba’s son just bought a car and it’s not just an ordinary car. He had the company customize the vehicle to his own taste.
Sandra: (In a tone completely laced with disappointment.)Ebuka do you  see your life?. You are happy about someone who bought a car when last did you even pay a biker for the services he rendered from your own pocket?
Ebuka: What are you saying, i don’t understand your big big English.
Sandra: When last did you ever climb a  bike and pay with your own money?
Ebuka: (Keeping his lips sealed)
Sandra: ( In a matter of factly tone) You see no response because it has never happened, I pity you because if you are still behaving the way when i get married, oyo is your case.
If you like don’t go and hustle and get money
Ebuka: God said in Psalm 46:10 that i should  be still and know that he is God.
Sandra: He meant never lose faith in him in times of trouble.
Ebuka:And that is what I'm doing . I have strong faith in God.
Sandra: The bible also said faith without works is dead. Better find something meaningful to do with life else your life will make no meaning.
Besides where did you see money to buy data?
Ebuka: I saw the money in your black bag.
Sandra: (Frustratedly) For goodness sake Ebuka that is my tithe you used to buy data.
Ebuka: (In a nonchalant tone) No qualms now just tell God that your brother used your tithe to buy  data, he is i good God. He will understand.( Emerges from the bed and picks a faded green shirt to wear)
Sandra: And where do you think you are going to?
Ebuka: Juventus VS Real Madrid match starts in two minutes and i need to watch the match.(Exits the house before Sandra could restrain him and after his departure, Sandra kneels down and cries to God to touch her rother’s heart as light slowly fades)

Scene Three

Light Falls

(Ebuka ran faster than he had ever run before in a normal situation as this was no normal situation,his heart and head pounding furiously as his legs pleading to stop as they were very much exhausted but the sounds of running feets, eeringly authoritative voices and the booming sounds of gunshots determined otherwise.
He ran and was almost on the verge of getting caught when he suddenly sighted a wall and with  a sudden surge of strength in him , he ran and with the skill and speed of a professional athlete jumped over the wall into a very beautiful and exquisite looking compound occupied  by friendly and kind looking people who treated him to a very nice meal and handed him over to the people who were chasing him who in turn were about slaughtering him mercilessly when he woke up from his sleep, the battered foam on which he slept soaked in sweat.  
He heaved a sigh of relief as he looked around and saw that it was all a dream. Sandra who was praying when he woke up inquired from him if everything was okay.)
Sandra: Ebuka are you alright?
Ebuka:(Panting heavily) Yeah I am fine just having a slight headache.
Sandra: Just a headache or you had a nightmare. Which is it?.
Ebuka: I had a nightmare which in turn gave me a headache.
Sandra: Alright let's hand it over to God in prayer.
Ebuka:(Scoffs in disgust) Prayer is so so boooring.
Why don't you be a good big sis and pray for your little brother. (Jumps underneath the bed sheets and starts snoring before Sandra could protest. At the sight of this, Sandra shakes her head in pity and begins a fresh round of prayer for Ebuka.
Shortly after Ebuka laid down to sleep,  he was awaken by a phone call and was about raining down curses on whoever was calling him when he saw the caller ID and his anger died down. He answered the call and spoke humbly into the phone microphone.)
Ebuka:(Gently and with great respect) Boss Boss, Boss Tony.  Good morning Sir.
I dey hail oh.
Tony:Cut that crap Bro.Call me Tony or if you can't call me by my name,call me Bro.
Ebuka:Yes Boss , sorry Bro.
Tony:Well I saw your comment about my status which was Cut soap for me or abeg show me way.( Laughs softly in his deep baritone voice)
Ebuka: Should I explain the meaning of the statement?
Tony: No that wouldn't be necessary as I understand.
Ebuka:Boss ...I mean sorry Bro, you sef follow understand street slangs?
Tony:Of course I do cause I was once part of the street.
Ebuka:(In a confused tone) Part of the streets,how?
Tony: Ebuka that's not something I can tell you on the phone. Listen Ebuka, there's something I need to tell you.
Ebuka: Go on Bro, I dey listen.
Tony: You have a lot of potentials but I think they are been subdued by your financial and environmental situation. So I was thinking why don't you come over,let us discuss how to bring that potential of greatness out into the limelight
Ebuka:Wow I  for very much like that but the problem be say I no get any money on me now as I dey like this.
Tony: That won't be a problem, just send me your account number.
Ebuka: I don't have an account number.
Tony:(Trying very much to calm the rage brewing in him.) You mean you don't have a bank account at this your age. See right now if you really want me to help you,rush to any bank nearest to you, open an account and text the account number to me as soon as possible alright.
Ebuka: Thanks man I really appreciate your kind gesture.
Tony:No problem dude. (Hangs up the call as light slowly fades)

Scene Three

Light Falls

Ikemba: So let me guess, that was our prey right?
Tony: You guessed right father. But father can you believe at this age that fool don't even have a bank account.
Ikemba: That guy is so dumb I wonder what the grandmaster found in that son of a bitch.
Grandmaster: You should have wondered what the righteous one found in him.(Emerging from a dark portion of the room)
Ikemba and Anthony: (Bowing in reverence to the grandmaster)We hail thee thou grandmaster.
Ikemba: What's the level of progress concerning the acquisition of our prey?
Tony: I just concluded a conversation with him some moments ago.
Grandmaster: There has been an unexpected twist in our plans.
Ikemba:How do you mean grandmaster?
Grandmaster:Lord Lucifer says we have to end the life of our prey as soon as possible.
Ikemba:(Confusion expressly displayed on his face)But if that happens, his destiny will be wasted.
Grandmaster: I had thought of that too but I discovered that his glory lies behind a door and unless the prey opens that door, we can't access his glory.
Ikemba: What door is that if I may ask?
Grandmaster: It's the door of his purpose. If he discovers his purpose and pursues it, he will become an unending threat to us.
Tony: I still don't get your point grandmaster.
Grandmaster:He has been destined to be an evangelist and his glory lies within the fulfilment of his destiny. So if he fulfils destiny, his glory becomes exposed but that moment,he will be  a great threat to our kingdom and he will help shapen the destinies of others too taking away our future captives as their destinies are tied to the fulfilment of his. So we have to end him now while we still can else we are in trouble and Ikemba if you kill him, you and I will be promoted in the dark realm farther than we can ever dream of.
Tony: What if we lure him to the dark side?
Grandmaster: He might repent later on. His death is a necessity.
(Tony phone rings at that moment)
Grandmaster: Answer the call. It's our prey calling.
Tony:(Answers the call) Hello Ebuka.
Ebuka: Hello Bro how are you doing?
Tony: I am good and you?
Ebuka: I have seen the money you sent to me . Thank you u really appreciate buy the money is too much oh. What do you expect me to do with two hundred thousand naira?
Tony: The purpose of the money is for your  your transportation to my location.
Ebuka:Bo small small with this your big big grammar.
Tony: The money is for you to enter motor.
Ebuka: Two hundred thousand naira Bro that is too much for just transportation.
Tony: Alright then you can use it for something else.
Ebuka: Thanks you very well bro.
Tony: You have thanked me enough already.
Ebuka: Anyhow sha I am on my way to your house now. I will be expecting you.(Hangs up the call and Tony breathes a sigh of relief.)
Tony: That fellow is so fracking annoying.
Hear his last statement 'I will be expecting you.'
Telling me what I was supposed to utter to him.
Ikemba: I hope all things are set for his arrival.
Tony:Yes they are father.
                                                                           Light Fades
Scene Four.                                                   Light Falls
   Ebuka is sitting on the bed in a exquisitely furnished room while Tony is seated adjacent to Ebuka on a small bed side stool.
Ebuka:Bro Tony come and sit down on the bed let me sit on the chair.
Tony:(Smiles calmly) Don't worry Ebuka. I am much more comfortable here than on the bed.
Ebuka: Okay oh suit yourself
Tony: Thanks for your concern.
Ebuka:Bro na me suppose to dey thanks you oh.
See fine room you put me inside tell me say anything I want make I order, thanks you big one.
Tony:As you can see your food has been served in case you aren't satisfied you can meet the cook, she'll attend to you. Let me leave you to have your meal(Stands and exit the room)
Ebuka:Omo as oyinbo do say, money is good. I no fit wait to touch this money
  ( Ebuka loosens the rope which he had wound round his trouser to prevent it from falling before pouncing on the meal, eating it ferociously like a hungry lion He finishes the meal before belching aggressively and crashing heavily on the bed completely overwhelmed by sleep.)
                                                                                                 Light Fades
Scene Five.                                                                       Light Falls      
 (Ebuka who was deeply drowned in the bowels of sleep tried to change his sleeping position by turning but felt his movement restricted. He tried engaging in the fruitless venture of turning over and over all to no avail
and he was finally woken up by a huge splash of water on his face only to see his hands and feet tied as he lay still on an elevated platform with bones and other fetish items scattered all around the floor. He was still trying to figure out what was going on when he caught sight of three figures. They moved closer and recognition dawned on him as to what was going on. He lay  tied on an altar in a shrine and he is surrounded by his uncle, cousin and grandfather.)
Ebuka:( Shock expressly displayed on his face) Uncle, Bro, Grandpa please someone should tell me what is going on here. Please tell me it's not what I think it is.
Ikemba: It's what you think it's son. Your thoughts are correct as you are about to be sacrificed to the great Lord Lucifer.
Ebuka:(Tears streaming down his face as his sister's word echoed in his head) Grandpa please help me.
Grandmaster: I'm sorry grandchild, this is for my own good.
(Moves away from Tony and began chanting some incoherent words with the room quaking violently)
Grandmaster:(In a different voice) Son it's time
(Ichie Ikemba walks in followed by Tony and they are both clad in black robes. In Ichie Ikemba's hand is a knife and in Tony's hands,he bears a Calabash as they both walk towards Ebuka who is shivering and his body wet with sweat and urine,his face wet with tears pleads silently for his life.)
Ebuka: Uncle please don't do this to me, uncle please.
    Sandra lays still on her bed trying fruitlessly to get some sleep. She stands up and moves to and fro in a fairly hastened pace and in a flash she sees the slain body of Ebuka and screams out in shock and as though propelled by an unknown force burst into prayers. She hasn't prayed for half a minute when she hears the voice of the Almighty one.
God:Stop the prayers and worship me.
The instruction sounded weird in her ears but she knew better than to disobey the voice and she began worshipping.
  After worshipping for about three hours, the glory of Yahweh descended in such a way Sandra had never seen before and she unconsciously swapped into heavenly tongues and before she could assimilate what was happening, Sandra had torn her clothes and been stark naked, she began to groan and roar like a wounded lion as the power of God's presence began increasing drastically.
    Meanwhile at the shrine where Ebuka lay, Ikemba who was standing by  Ebuka raised the knife and was about bringing it down on Ebuka when the young fellow screamed the Name of Jesus with all of his might and there was a great earthquake accompanied by thunder and lightening and in less than a split second, the shrine collapsed with the trio barely escaping for their lives.
Ikemba: That insolent bastard (He cursed under his breath).    
Light Fades

Scene Six

Light Falls

(Ebuka sat his hands and feet still tied with the look of confusion boldly expressed on his face. After the paranormal activity that occurred some minutes ago, he had expected the ropes to come loose and an angel to lead him out of there but what he experienced was the exact opposite of his expectations because no sooner had the building collapsed when two hefty men entered the rubbles and transferred him to another room. He was still trying to fathom why that happened when the scripture Isaiah 58:8-9 dropped in his heart.)

Voice of God:(Uttering the words slowly)For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.  For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.
Ebuka was still reflecting on the scripture when the second verse of Cory Asbury's reckless love began playing in his heart and he sang along
Ebuka: When I was your foe, still your love fought for me
You have been so so good to me
When I felt worth, you paid it all for me
You have been so so kind to me
Oh the overwhelming, neverending
Reckless Love of God
Oh it chases me down
Fights 'til I am found
Leaves the ninety nine
I couldn't earn it and I don't deserve it
Still,  You gave yourself away
Oh, the overwhelming, neverending
Recless Love of God.
There's no shadow you won't light up
Mountain you won't climb up
Coming after me
There's no wall you won't kick down
Lie you won't tear down
Coming after me.
Ebuka continued singing the song with his knees having contact with the ground and tears pouring down his face.He continued singing and gradually,the power and presence of Yeshua descended mightily upon Ebuka that he broke into violent tongues.
The three guards who were stationed at the gate to keep watch over Ebuka heard the noise and detected the change in atmosphere.
Obinna: (Twists his face in disgust) What's that smell? Who is burning something at this time of the night?
Asukwo: Which smell are you talking about because I am not perceiving anything.(Pauses momentarily).But I can feel the heat of something burning.
Nnamdi: I can hear the sound of something on fire.
Asukwo: I hope that our captive haven't burnt anything.
Obinna: I suggest we all go and check.
The three men rushed to the room where Ebuka was and on getting there, the sight they met shook them terribly and sent severe shivers down their spine as Ebuka was no longer bound but loosened with his eyes literally glowing like fire and his voice was like the clapping of thunder.
Ebuka: (Thunderously) The word of the lord says in the book of Isiah chapter 45:24-25 .Shall the prey be taken from the mighty, or the lawful captive delivered?  But thus saith the Lord, Even the captives of the mighty shall be taken away, and the prey of the terrible shall be delivered: for I will contend with him that contendeth with thee, and I will save thy children.
You have contended with the Lord's chosen ,get ready for you shall not escape the contention of the Lord most high.
Obinna: Please save me, I don't want to die.
Ebuka: There's only one way for you to escape death surrender your life to Christ as I did moments ago. Are you ready to do that?
Yes  the three men echoed in fear.
Ebuka led the three men to Christ and dispersed them. He wad about leaving when he heard the voice of God.
God: Your assignment is not complete yet.
Ebuka: What else is left for me to do?
God: Destroy the altar tormenting this community.
Ebuka: How can I do that Sir?
God:Call down fire from heaven like Elijah did.
Ebuka: Alright father.(He shuts his eyes and goes on his knees)
Graceful father, I thank you for the work you have done here today, may glory be ascribed unto your name. You said in your word in the book of Job Chapter 22 verse 28 that we should decree a thing and it shall come to pass, father I make demands on your heavenly fire to descend and consume this altar in the mighty name of Jesus.
(At the instant Ebuka mentioned the name of Jesus, fire descended from heaven and burnt up his uncle's entire building and he heard a voice saying"It's done" . Overwhelmed by gratitude, Ebuka lay down and worshipped God from that time till the dawning of the new day.) 
Light Fades

Scene Seven

Light Falls

(Sandra was cleaning the cobwebs in the sparsely furnished apartment she shared with her brother who she had not seen for almost twenty four hours when  the door opened forcefully and before Sandra could react, Ebuka emerged from outside and gave Sandra a big hug smiling excitedly like a child who had just received both a candy bar and a toy at the same time.
Sandra: (Frightened and anxious) Ebuka you scared the living daylight out of me.
Ebuka: 2nd Timothy 1 verse 6 says For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
So fear not sister.
Sandra: Are you okay Ebuka? (She asks her question accompanied by a questioning look)
Ebuka: I am not okay sis.(Laughs out loudly)
Sandra: What's the matter with you Ebuka? You are not behaving normal.
Ebuka: You can't encounter the God of abnormality and remain normal.
Sandra:(With a puzzled expression on her face) I don't understand you Ebuka.
Ebuka:Let me break it down to you Sandra. I have encountered Christ and I am now filled with the Holy Spirit. My soul is overridden with Joy and eagerness to know more of him sis. I have this intense hunger for fellowship with him. Aside from that Sandra, he spoke to me and I heard his voice he told me we have a lot to do and limited time to do I.......
Sandra: (Calmly interrupting him) Ebuka listen to me, we can talk about this later but now we need to worship God for his goodness and for his wonderful works.
They both knelt down and with tears spewing from their eyes, gratitude emerging from their hearts and worship pouring out of their lips.
 You are Alpha and Omega
We worship you our Lord
You are worth to be praise
We give you all the glory
We worship you our Lord
You are worthy to be praised.
They both worshipped and within a short while, their eyes were opened and they found their selves in a room painted pure white and a man in a white suit walked up to them and spoke.
Man: Daughter of Zion, you have done well and your prayers have sparked the fire of revival in the life of your brother.
You did good but this is just the beginning of your assignment which is to spark the fire of revival in the life of sleeping giants just like you did in the life of your brother. Do you understand?
Sandra: Yes Father.
Man: My son
Ebuka:Yes Father.
Man:You have just begun. Hold  firmly onto I and my word. There will be trials and temptations but hold onto me steadfastly.
And when I finally reveal my glory to men through you, quench pride for pride goes before a fall as it's written in the book of Luke chapter 14 verse 11 For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted. Ponder on these words. 
(With these words he disappears and light fades.)

Scene Eight. 

Light Falls

Ebuka and Sandra were outside the house within the confines of the compound when Tony ran in looking very much haggard and the mixture of fear and hunger written on his face.
Tony: (Looks at them pleading) Please I need your help.
Ebuka: (Was about to react violently at the sight of Tony but was restrained by the holy Spirit)
Holy Spirit: Take a hold of your self and kill that anger Ebuka
Ebuka: But father, he almost offered me as a sacrifice to Satan.
Holy Spirit: Forgive him as you have been forgiven.
Ebuka:Yes Father.
Sandra: Tony what happened to you?
Tony:I lost my father,my grandfather,my wealth, everything I have acquired all gone.
(Faces Ebuka)
Tony: Ebuka I know I have offended you severely please forgive me.
Ebuka: Tony what you did really hurt me but I forgive you..
Tony: Please lead me to Christ.
Ebuka led Tony to Christ and prayed for him passionately before handing him a plate of food and some change of clothing.
Tony:Thank you Bro Ebuka. You have really  helped me a lot.I really appreciate it and I am deeply sorry for what I did to you some days back.
Ebuka: There's no problem Tony for that's all is in the past.
Tony:Thank you once again.
Ebuka:So what are you going to do now that you are starting life afresh?
Tony: I will take a time out and seek God's face to know his plans concerning my life and follow it to the latter.
Ebuka: Alright then let's pray and commit your endeavor into God's hands.
(They both hold hands and pray as light and audio slowly fades into darkness and silence and at that instant, the narrator who is a middle-aged man comes in clad in a native attire.)

Narrator: The destiny of others are tied to yours and to fulfill destiny, you must not just have an altar but a functional blazing Altar because at the altar humanity encounter divinity.
Leviticus 6:12 says "And the fire upon the altar shall be burning in it; it shall not be put out: and the priest shall burn wood on it every morning, and lay the burnt offering in order upon it; and he shall burn thereon the fat of the peace offerings.

Take note of the first part which says 'And the fire upon the altar shall be burning in it; it shall not be put out.' This means the fire ought to born continually not just for our own benefit but for that of others as written in the book of Romans 8:19. Men are waiting for our manifestation and we can't manifest without first constructing an altar as an altar is a meeting point between humanity and divinity as we can't meet the expectations of men and God without the help of divinity.
So maintain an altar if you have one and build one if you don't have any for it's from the altar power is acquired and power is required as an essential tool in the fulfilment of destiny.
Remain connected to your altar and exploits shall be your lifestyle.
Ponder on these words and follow them accordingly and I see God working wonders through us in Jesus Name Amen.(He slowly descends from the stage as light fades.)

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  1. Nice dialogue; worth reading to the last word. Well done

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    This is a job well done.

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    I'm very much blessed
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    I can't wait for this to be played on screen.

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