The Pattern of God's Kingdom


The Pattern of God's Kingdom by Damilola Jacobs

I just listened to one of Minister Dunsin Oyekan's songs titled Always God, then I felt this urge to pick up my pen and write about sounds and patterns.

The holy spirit makes me go back to a couples of Ministers, asking me what I know about their pattern, the style of their ministration, their type of sounds, the message their ministration pass across.

The first person he took me to was Evangelist Lawrence Oyor. He took me back to all his messages and chant pointing out the unique sounds that only belongs to him, no matter how much anyone try to copy it, it can never sounds like him.

He further took me to other music ministers like Minister Victoria Orenze, Pastor Nathaniel Bassey, Dusin Oyekan and other anointed music ministers. I realized each one of them have their unique sounds.

The next set of people he took me to are the preacher, he took me to some of Apostle Joshua Selman’s teachings and that of P Daniel, with other preacher. I realized they all have a unique pattern they use in their teaching, some teaching base on the kingdom misery, some holiness e.t.c.

He took me to many body of Christ I realized everyone has a pattern God have deposited within them to function in.

The next thing he ask me was as a writer, have you discover your pattern?, Have you discover the dimensions I want you to function in?, Are you just writing because you enjoy doing it?, Are you writing because that's what is trending or in the dimensions I place you in?.

If you are reading this, my question to you is in that office you find yourself, have you discover your pattern, because that is what makes you unique in that office, yes there are many preachers and all of them are still relevant because they follow the pattern and dimensions God place in them.

In conclusion, for you to remains relevant in this kingdom you have to follow the pattern and dimensions God has placed within you. Consistently build yourself in that area, don't worry about how you will keep going because the well you are drawing from never runs dry, just make sure you stay attached to it.

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  1. This is touching Beatrice Thanks for the impact


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