Knowing God: The Pathway to Intimacy

A believer's true walk with God is beyond receiving the life of Christ. There is a need to go many steps further by knowing God and this is where intimacy comes in. Looking at the Keywords, "knowing" simply means to be fully informed. "Knowing God" simply means fully informed about God and that process of building a continuous relationship with God by your daily interaction with Him is called intimacy.

In Philippians 3:10, Apostle Paul rightly describes his desire to know God. This desire was birthed from a sincere will to walk with God while working for God. Paul was outrightly doing the work of God through his ministry and while he had a good relationship with God, he still yearned for much more in intimacy. Apostle Paul understood that beyond working for God, you need to walk with Him. One of the greatest patriarch of old that walked with God was our father Abraham, he walked with all sincerity of heart that he had to sacrifice his only son.

It is necessary to note that knowing God is a process. Just like life, it takes sheer determination, hunger, thirst, consistency and a yielded heart to know God. Knowing God brings you to the point of Perfection. God is a Perfect God and the more you walk with Him, the more you're changed. That said, the basic requirements to help your journey to knowing God includes the following:


1. Study God's Word

The word of God is God's instruction for us as believers and it is necessary that you effectively study God's word. If you find this difficult, we have the New Man Bible Study Guide to help you read and study the scriptures all through the year. The truth of our faith is Christ and the truth is the word. When you consistently engage in studying God's word, you will discover that you will become deeply acquainted with God.

2. Praying Regularly

As believers it's expedient of us to pray day in day out. Just as the case with two lovers, prayer is simply communication between God and man. When you consistently communicate with someone, you begin to know so much about them and that is the same way it works with God. In 1st Thessalonians 5:16, Apostle Paul enjoins us to pray without ceasing and in result, we discover that the more we pray, the more God reveals himself to us. Praying in and out of season is one of the vital keys to know God.

3. Believe in the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is our partner in this realm, he's the one who helps us to come into a place of fellowship with God. The more reason we need to believe in the ministry of the Holy Spirit as believers.

The conclusion of the whole matter is the more we dedicate our time to know God, the more we become intimate with Him.


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  1. Thanks so much. I'm blessed with the topic as well as with the teachings. More Grace to you sir


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