The Process of Becoming

The Process of Becoming by Damilola Jacobs


The life of a Christian is like that of a seed that goes through many process before it can bring forth fruits. A seed is chosen out of many other seeds, and dried before it can be planted. In the same way, the life of a Christian tells of someone who is carefully chosen from among his peers by the Saviour.

I believe that after the selection process in Salvation, then have to go through the process of drying, this is the stage where you feel isolated, lonely, broken, hurting, you feel no one is there for you, no one know how you feel or understand you, feel empty inside in this stage all your friends that are not meant to be in your life are being dry out of your life, i understand how this feel but it is just a process and it will still pass.

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After being dry you are then planted among people of like mind, where you you'll find yourself among the people that share the same faith and believe, they will make you rooted in him it will increase your faith believe and trust in God.

Then the stage of watering, this is the stage you are being water by God himself, the water might feel overwhelmed you might feel like you are sinking because rain can come to cause pollution but your faith and people around you, the amount of God words you know will not allow the water to flush you off the surface of the earth, it will be your root that will make you stand firm in Christ.

Up next is the process of fertilization. This is the process whereby he begins to fertilize you by revealing himself to you, his purpose and where he is taking you to so that you can focus on those things ahead and over look the suffering and pain you are going through presently.

The next stage is the stage of germination. At his stage, you begin to grow in the wisdom of God, people begin to see his glory in your life, you begin to fulfil purpose and make God proud of you. 

The next stage is weeding; when you realize you are growing something start growing with you e.g pride, jealousy, bitterness, unforgiveness, guilt, you that feeling of I've arrived, especially we young teenagers when we see a little move of God and people start saying ma and sir it get into our head and make us start feeling indispensable, that is when God will come to break us down and make us realize we are empty without him, he will uproot those things in our life to make us grow without a defect.

The next stage is the stage where you begin to bring fourth fruit, your life begin to attract people to God but never forget even in this stage where you are bringing forth fruits you still need water to grow well and God is the source of this living water so you have to stay connected to him and never forget rain will still fall and sun will still rise so as to grow and get the require nutrition, that is why life is not a roller coaster, in your walk with Christ it doesn't matter your level of achievement trial will still come but your level of spiritual maturity will determine if you are going to stand even in the mist of those season

And if you are yet to be picked up or your fall from the hands of the planter (Jesus) by going back to your sin it is not too late dear come to him, stop hiding and let him pick you up and take you through this process.

There is a process for everything good you see. True [process must not be tampered with except you want to alter the final result. In Exodus 13:17, we see how the Israelites walked through the thorns to the throne  because they could not pass through the land of Philistines. Instead, they had to take the longer route and that was solely because God wanted them to learn certain lessons. In true process, you must understand that the elevator is faster and the stairs is longer but sometimes it is only best to put in the work so that you do not become a half-baked product in the end. Also, you must not forget that before gold, silver or diamonds become valuable they went through fire, that situation might be your own fire to shape you into what God want you to be don't give up or ran away from that fire but face it like the three Hebrew men and see yourself shine bright.

You cannot pass through certain things in life without due process. Just like in the basking of a cake, we are always interested in the result - the final beauty of the cake when it’s decorated in cream or ice. 

This world only sees the beauty in a cake but forget that icing is just an added value. The real deal is in the process and the long hours of mixing. The icing takes only few minutes compared to the other baking processes. 

No one sits to eat a mound of icing alone, except you want gastronomic complications. The real cake is what the world needs so we continually stand in the kitchen, withstanding the heat of the oven. We stay and bake and cook into the wonder that you later see.

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  1. You sound energetic love, your wisdom will always make you stronger and better in society.

    Keep it up, love.


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