Christian Poetry: Be Anxious for Nothing

The stealer of joy is anxiety,
Leaving you in a form of perplexity.
It keeps you in shackles of worry,
Boxing you in a corner of being flurry.

Christian Poetry: Be Anxious for Nothing

The world then becomes meaningless,
Putting you in a state of being lifeless.
Its target  is for you to lose your mind,
Blowing away your happiness like the wind. 

Anxiety makes you feel you are not capable,
Leaving God aside, the one who is able.
The essence of prayer becomes meaningless,
Thereby putting yourself in a state of loneliness.

You then think God has abandoned you,
Asking Him why He created you.

But No!

God is preparing you for something,
So worry for nothing.

Position yourself well for His blessings,
Don’t end up learning from your lessons.
It is not always easy,
Just get up and get yourself busy.

Make your requests known with supplication,
And stay away from lamentation.
That will later bring about consummation,
Which will afterward not end in glorification.
Don’t see that situation as your fate,
Entrust your status to God in faith.

You by then start to prevail,
The devil begins to fail. 

You realized the purpose for the lateness,
Is for you to be lifted high for greatness.

All along it feels like He was absent,
You then discovered He was present.

God was not in anyway  silent initially,
He was just preparing you for His grace abundantly.


Philippians 4:6

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