The Power of Dwelling in the Secret Place

As the name implies, a secret place is a place where secret activities take place. In the Christian view a secret place is a place where you talk to God, where you communicate with your maker. In Psalm 91:1, we read about the essence of the secret place so much that it shows that as a believer, you don't need to go to the secret place - instead, you dwell in the secret place. The Bible says he that dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty.

Don’t be deceived to think that dwelling in the secret place is impossible because your day is full of activities. Dwelling in the secret place doesn't mean staying in a place but you can dwell by making your heart connected to God every hours,minutes and seconds, our heart is the medium of connection between we and the holy Spirit

When you want to go to the secret place you go there with a clean, humble and expecting heart not a heart full of grudges, not a distracted heart.

Don't say because your heart is a medium of connection you don't need a place or time where you need to be alone with God because that will grant you a quicker access to the realm of the spirit than when you are being distracted by what is going on around you

Your spiritual life can't grow if you don't have a secret place, your spiritual life can't grow if your alter is cold, your spiritual life can't grow if your alter is not on fire

*What do you do in the secret place

1) you seek the face of God

2) you learn more from the holy spirit

3) you get intimate with the holy Spirit

4) you charge your spirit man

5) you receive revelations

6) you change level

7) you have an encounter

8) you gain more access to the things of the spirit

9) you receive instructions

10) misery are being revel

*What stop you from staying in the secret place

1) Activities 

2) Laziness



5) Fear

6)Attack from enemy

7) Addiction

8) Inconsistency

9) your believe about the secret place

*What to do when you realize your secret place is going down

1) let your love for God drives you to seek him more

2) be determine

3) be accountable to someone

4) stay away from the things that take more of your time and attention

5) be genuinely hungry for the things of God because it will push you to stay more in the present of God

6) let holy anger rise within you

7) Think about the generation that are waiting for your manifestation

Illustration 1: Have you ever think about the reason you can't put your hand in a very hot food, have you ever think about the reason you eat a food when it is very hot?we all know the answer it is because it is very hot and it may cause damage to your tongue, same applies to our spiritual life if your alter is on fire,if your alter is hot the enemy dare not touch you because they know they will get burnt,see devil know if you are hot or cold o, you may be pretending but the devil will just be laughing at you because they know your level of intimacy, wait let me ask you a question for you to know if a food is hot or cold will you just dig your hand in it? Absolutely no the the heat coming out of the food is enough evidence that the food is very hot, the heat coming out of your alter is also an envidencen for the devil, let go further if you want the food to get cold what will you do? out the food down and fan it or you put it on fire? no you can't put it on fire na you will put it down from the so it can get cold that is what the devil is doing to so many Christians alter they will fan it till it is cold so they can penetrate and strike but for you to overcome you need to dwell continuously in the secret place and let your alter continue to before the devil attack you.

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Illustration 2: Get soak in the fire of the holy ghost, when you cook a soup and it is full it smell will attract the cockroach they will just come to give a trial on your soup but at the end of the day they get drown in it

Same way you drown the devil if he want to try you out if you are soak in the holy ghost.

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