The Art of Staying with God

God wants to work through you. He is set to do many beautiful things through your life and work His wonders through your hands. He wants you to show off His glory, majesty and splendour. These and much more are the things God wants to do through you - and many others too. 

But then, He wants us to stay with Him to have this done.

The reality is, God would have us given to process rather than make us get to the place of destiny as half-baked Christians. If we really would do anything for God through the discovery and fulfillment of purpose, we must learn the art of staying with God and be wholly given to the process.

You muust have heard the popular saying that "Rome wasn't built in a day". Similarly, God wouldn't build you in a day but He'd have us trained effectively for the assignment He has placed in our hands. This does not mean we should go around doing nothing. Being given to process means to stay, submitting oneself to God and letting Him do what He wants to do through us, day by day. If we cannot do this, we would have a generation bereaved of our impact and we remain an aliens as far as the fulfilment of purpose is concerned.

Being a Christian is not enough, there's need to stay with God and let Him build us. Otherwise, we would get to heaven and wish we did more for God. Now we wouldn't want to get to heaven and hear God say, "you should have been more yielded." But everyone would like to receive commendation from the Master right? 

When it comes to Your destiny, The devil reasons like Man, but God thinks of eternity. Thats why the devil saw Jesus on Earth, he was in a hurry to kill him. Like us, he was thinking in the short term.

But God saw the long term vision of salvation for the rest of Humanity.

After all is said and done, nothing else would matter than what God has to say about the life we lived. Therefore, let us strive to gain this mastery. 

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