Biography of Reverend Dr. Lekan Babatunde

Reverend Dr. Lekan Babatunde was born on the 7th April 1952 in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. He graduated from St. Peter’s College Abeokuta as a Grade 1, straight A(s) student. He won the Federal Government Scholarship to study Hospital Management at Willmar College, Willmar Minnesota. U.S.A. and bagged (A.A.) in Hospital Management.

His academic pursuit drove him to begin his PhD work in a virgin area of medical ethics. He successfully completed and passed his PhD courses which automatically qualified him for a D.A. (doctor of Arts in Philosophy) in the academic world. However, he opted to submit his PhD thesis to United Bible University, Lagos where he was awarded the best PhD candidate of the year. He lectured in the University of Ibadan for several years before God called him out into full time ministry.

His ministerial call was punctuated and authenticated by many signs and wonders, two of which were the visitation of three big angels in his aunt’s house at Agoka in Abeokuta and the raising from the dead of a girl in Kongi, Bodija in Ibadan. He is a minister with a burden for the continent of Africa. He is often touched by the socio-economic, political and spiritual problems afflicting this continent.

His whole life calling and ministry is committed to the demonstration of the Kingship of Jesus, with a specialized area of his calling in the ministering of the Holy Spirit and His gifts to the body of Christ. He is also being used in bringing healings and miracles to many in Nigeria and abroad.

Reverend Dr. Lekan Babatunde is an anointed man of God. His ministrations and writings have a direct bearing on the liberation of believers from falsehood and satanic manipulations, including several spiritual manifestations in these last days. He is married with four children.

Reverend Dr. Lekan Babatunde is active on social media. You can connect with him via his official handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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