Biography of Daddy Gbile Akanni

Born on June 22nd, Daddy Gbile Akanni, who is popularly called Bro Gbile Akanni, is a Nigerian preacher, author, and renowned teacher of the World. He holds an interdenominational fellowship that attracts Christians of all backgrounds. He doesn't run a church; he is an itinerant preacher who moves from one denomination to another on invitation.

Popularly known for his simplicity and preference to introduce himself as "Brother Gbile Akanni from Gboko", he is a mentor to both the young and old across the nation. He is among the breed of Christian leaders disciplined by Pa Elton, to take the message of God's kingdom to the very ends of the earth through the Holy Spirit.
Gbile Akani was born  into an "Ifa" (idol worship) family, in Masifa, Ogbomosho, Oyo State.

Biography of Daddy (Bro) Gbile Akanni

He graduated from  the University of Ibadan and alumnus of the Baptist Student Fellowship, 
He traces his spiritual upbringing to his childhood friend (Rev. Dr. DurosinJesu Ayanrinola)'s the grandmother who was always interceding for him to be a shining light out of his dark family. 
"She brought me and my very bosom friend, DurosinJesu, who is her own grandson, on her knees every blessed morning between 1970 and 1973, for deep prayer and intercession before we left for school and on our return in the afternoon, she gathered us again around her waist for more prayers and thanksgiving. She wished and prayed for me to become "a shining light" out of my very dark family. When persecuted at home, she was one "refuge" I could run to, who had soothing assurance in her words, "Don't mind Akanni, your father…he will also leave those things, as I left my idol worship. I was threatened left and right, but I purposed in my heart, I would not deny Jesus. Till I die, I will ever live to serve Him."

Full Biography of Daddy (Bro) Gbile Akanni

Daddy Gbile Akanni is a man with a high understanding of the Bible. He heads a ministry, 'Living Seed' (a weekly fellowship gathering), centered in Gboko, Benue State Nigeria, where he resides.
The ministry is trans-denominational and reaches into every State of the nation. His Ministers' Leadership Retreat which takes place in December every year is attended by 15,000 leaders from all walks of life, not just the Church
In his companionship "Living Seed", Gbile Akanni conducts Ministers' Leadership Retreats on an annual basis. Every year thousands of people attend this place. It doesn't matter what their origin, background, or story is. Any person that seeks God can find him in Gbile Akanni's sermons. Mr. Akanni created not a church but a place where believers turn into righteous disciples with the help of God's Word.
Daddy Gbile Akanni is committed to turning believers into disciples. He has a great depth of the word of God. His authoritative teaching is deeply challenging and life-changing and he has a deep desire to see believers turn their focus on Jesus Christ alone. His areas of strength are in teaching and evangelism
Bro Gbile is happily married to a medical doctor, Mummy (Sister) Sade Akanni, and together they have four children and live in Peace House Gboko, Benue State, Nigeria, West Africa.

Books By Daddy (Bro) Gbile Akanni

As a prolific writer, Daddy (Bro) Gbile Akanni has authored the following books
  • The Dignity of Manhood
  • Becoming Like Jesus
  • Costly Assumptions
  • Timely Warning
  • When God Speaks
  • Silent Labors
  • Becoming Like Jesus
  • Foundation To Christian Living
  • God's Pattern For Christian Service
  • Give Me A Drink
  • Marital Relationship
  • Quest For God
  • No More Two
  • Silent Labours
  • A Bassa Heart
  • Tapping God's Resources For Life And Ministry
  •  Understanding The Concept And Conditions For Discipleship
  • Unfading Beauty
  • What God Looks For In His Vessel
  • When He Comes
  • When Men of the Force Need a Greater Force
  • When The Heavens Are Closed
  • Why Sit We Here Till We Die?
Daddy (Bro) Gbile Akanni is not active on social media. However, you can follow his ministry updates via the official website of the Living Seed Media here


I was the most qualified at the interview. Several of the panelists already had a good report of me from their wives whom I had taught the "Physics of Home Economics" course in my service year. They even affirmed,

"Mr. Akaani, you have got the job. We actually need you and we want you. Our wives appreciate you teaching them physics."

I waited in vain for the letter of appointment to come. Others were appointed but not me. I was grossly disappointed because I had no "plan B." I had no other place to look unto except the Lord who has led me so clearly over the years and particularly to this point.

I was still waiting when all the money I had on me finished and all my toiletries were exhausted. I was left with only 30 kobo (the least denomination in the Nigerian currency, which is actually less than a cent or penny).

I was so frustrated to the point that I began to consider packing my baggage to relocate back to Ibadan where several disciples were waiting for me to return. As I prayed one afternoon, I told God,

"Is it because I have no transport fare to go anywhere that you are tying my life down in this place?"

Right away, God mobilized and moved a brother, who was working in a bank in town to come during his break time to bring me the transport fare. He walked into my room, while I was still on my knees and said,

"Bro. Gbile, the Lord told me to bring this money to you urgently and it is for the journey you are about to make. I need to rush back to my desk in the bank."

I trembled at what the Lord did and was afraid to touch the money or collect it from the brother, seeing it was a sponsorship for me to go out of the will of God. I begged the brother to hold on to the money as I was not ready to make any journey again.

As the brother left, I turned to the Lord in tears asking Him to forgive me. Though I had nothing to eat, I would not go away from His perfect will for my life. Then God began to speak again to me.

"It is not for lack of funds that I am keeping you here. If you want to go, you are free to go.
But anywhere you go, whatever you are doing, preaching, singing or teaching, it will be recorded in your secret file before Me, 'Gbile was posted to serve Me in Benue State but he has absconded.'
You may have all the money as you wish, but you will not have My Presence."

Extract from "He Leads Me" by Gbile Akanni

Books by Bro Gbile Akanni

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