Biography of Pastor Omorinola (Morin) Osunmakinde

Popularly called PMO, Pastor Omorinola (Morin) Osunmakinde was born on (date of birth) to the family of (father’s family). She is the founder and President of Babes Redefined

The word, ‘babes’ a term of endearment used between friends and lovers, took on a whole new meaning one day, as she was chatting with a few friends in her living room. and businesswoman, someone used the word ‘babes’ and suddenly, it sounded as if she was hearing it for the first time and somewhere in her mind, she heard its acronyms clearly-B- beautiful, A-adorable, B-blessed, E-empowered, and S-saved. This interdenominational outreach aptly called, BABES Redefined (BR) has over 33 million members (babes) on Facebook.

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Pastor Omorinola Osunmakinde hails from Ondo state in Nigeria. As a wife, mother, businesswoman and a minister of God, she holds a BSc in microbiology from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria, and a certificate in Customer Service Training. She got born again in high school in 1994 and was an active member of her University fellowship. In her second year, she became a pastor in the same fellowship of which my husband was the founding pastor. At the time, she met Pastor Tunde Bakare, who is my spiritual father. Presently she co-pastors a church alongside my husband (TBC aka The Baptizing Church),  for over 9 years- 6years in Abuja and 3 years in Lagos. Asides from pastoring, she manages her business, Jazzment which helps to create the right romantic ambience for all occasions. My passion first, is to see women find fulfilment in life and experience their God-given assignments.  I believe I am accomplishing this through an outreach I choose to call “a movement” called BABES REDEFINED (BR). Secondly, it is to help couples find that romance in their love life; which is what I am doing through my business, Jazzment

BABES REDEFINED! It is a phenomenon and  I must say it has been God all through. BR as it's fondly called,  I believe was an idea in God’s mind some 4yrs ago. I was in my living room with a few friends and we were just chatting and gisting. In the midst of all of the talk, someone just mentioned ‘babes blah, blah, blah…’  and it was as if  I heard that word for the first time. All of a sudden, it had a whole new meaning for me and at that instance, I heard it clear its acronyms. .. Beautiful, Adorable,  Blessed,  Empowered and Saved! Wow! I immediately shared it with those who were with me and we laughed about it. But later that evening, the Lord began to share with me its purpose and vision. It is meant to be an outreach that will cater for the wholeness of the woman; a platform outside a church where women can be themselves and get answers to questions they cannot even share in church. At that time, my family and I  were planning on relocating to Lagos from Abuja. The Lord said that was His assignment for me in Lagos. But I still didn’t know how to start or go about it.

So, when we relocated to Lagos, I spoke with an older friend of mine (pastor Segun Coker), who at that time had a ministry to young women (School of Virtue), and he suggested that I open a Facebook account. I launched the BABES REDEFINED group on Facebook  on the 12th of November 2010 and started by adding a number of my friends on Facebook and I remember a lot of them asking me,  “PMO, so what are we doing here?”
For the first 6 months, we were just about 500. By my birthday on the 8th of May the next year, we had our first physical meeting and I remember speaking with my first set of admins Daisy Yusufu and Mo Olumide that we had to set a target of  1000 members by my birthday! But here we are- 3yrs down the line, over  33000 members and still counting. The growth was phenomenal and I will attribute it first, to the grace of God and the fact that it was our season and God himself called for it at the time He did, and to the fact that it was something unique and different. The name was not religious so several people had joined before they even knew it was of a Christian origin.

BR’s Physical Meetups…

We host physical meetings. We had an Abuja get together at Millennium Park. We have had get-together meetups in different parts of Nigeria-Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja, Ibadan, Abeokuta. We have had prayer meetings in about 8 states and 4 countries outside Nigeria as well- the UK, US, SA,  GERMANY. Our 3rd anniversary was held at different times in 3 countries-UK, US, and Nigeria. Asides from these physical meetings, we pick dates in the year to pray in agreement from our different locations. We also hope to have more prayer, relationships and business meetings in the year.

BR is not an arm of The Baptizing Church, but it is an extension of the call of God on our lives. My husband is very much aware of BR and what we stand for and supports us the best way he can. He has ministered at our meeting. The sister’s arm of TBC is automatically a part of BR, but also a separate arm of the church.  My admin and Governing Council members are all voluntary staff of BR. They are not paid, rather they give from their substance to support the work especially when we have programs. Great team! I work with a team of 12 ladies (located both in Nigeria and abroad).  They have been my greatest support system. We are not legalistic with our approach and above all,  the strength of the word of God, which I would attribute to my home church The Baptizing Church– and my husband, pastor Dele Osunmakinde. I am eternally grateful to God for giving me helpers of destiny.

The high points for me are the testimonies that are being shared by the babes themselves,  the quality friendships that have evolved,  counsel that was given, which the babes acted on,  and came back with results, and the prayers being answered. With regards to the challenges I have experienced leading this outreach, I would say that it is being able to manage the diversity! Remember, we have a  few Muslims among us, but they are not even the issue at all; rather, it is the diversity of doctrinal beliefs which has resulted in different views and opinions. But then, I have grown to see it as the main reason for BR in the first place a place where it’s not about your doctrine or beliefs, but about the standard which is the word of God.

The Babes Redefined group members involve God in all daily interactions, not religiously or as a matter of duty or obligation, but as a father-daughter relationship. They also host physical and virtual meetings in order to impact (socially, financially and spiritually) in the lives of women both in and outside the group. The criterion for membership is for one to be 18 and above, and obviously, you must be a woman!

Pastor Omorinola Osunmakinde is happily married to her heartthrob, Pastor Ayodele (Dele) Osunmakinde. They got married on 11th December, 2004 and together, they are blessed with three wonderful children.

Pastor Omorinola Osunmakinde (PMO) is active on social media. You can connect with her via her official handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. She can be reached on Facebook via the Babes Redefined group

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