7 Lessons from the Life of Apostle Peter

Peter was working when Jesus called him in Luke 5:1-11. He was a diligent fisherman who was out to make  money for his family at least and was able to sit among the decision-making body in his town. Peter was fixed on his kind of work and never knew that something in the next minute could change his life forever.

When Jesus asked him to throw his net the day he did not catch anything but was able to catch more than enough that his net even began to break just as Jesus' words, what can you imagine what was going through his head when Jesus told him to follow him? He would have probably thought of how he would feed his family and buy the things he needed for himself, but he followed anyway. Apostle Peter amongst the rest of the disciples was already married at that time and would have been justified had he decided not to follow.

According to Matthew 16:15, I can tell that Simon Peter follows Jesus with all his heart because it was the spirit of God that revealed who Jesus was to him and when you follow someone closely like we all know, we tend to begin to act or talk like the person right? This is similar to how Peter was able to speak with precision because he did not guess. Let us note something here, the more you hear God's voice, the more the voice of the devil you will hear but the way out is DISCERNMENT and this was lacking in the life of Apostle Peter when he rebuked Jesus for talking about his death.

Peter is a fisherman as a profession can be likened to the work God officially gave to him after the Pentecost day and the outpour of the Holy ghost. He began the work Jesus gave to him diligently - A fisherman is someone that entices his prey with what they want first and then tangles them unexpectedly. Peters's preaching as recorded in the book of Acts 2:14-49 was able to capture their attention to keep listening while he press further into the aspect of their sins and it was recorded in verse 37 of chapter 2 that "they were pricked in their heart after they heard Peter speak.

There are a many lessons to learn from the life and story of Apostle Peter. Let’s look at a few below:

1. Peter was a Good Follower 

Apostle Peter followed Jesus wholeheartedly and without doubt. As believers, do not doubt anything in your call to follow Jesus. Like Apostle Peter, learn to follow Jesus duly and pay the costly yet worthy price of true discipleship

2. Peter allowed the Move of God

Apostle Peter was very flexible enough with his plans to allow the move of God in each phase of his life. This is why he was able to discern that Jesus was truly the son of God. As believers, we must learn to be flexible to the move of God especially when you receive a direct leading from the Holy Spirit.

3. Peter was Hardworking

Apostle Peter was a hardworking man and this could be one of the reason why Jesus Called him Cephas, which means Rock. God can not make use of you if he does not find you hard-working, so find something doing and be hardworking 

4. Get skilled in what you want to do for Jesus. You are aware that Peter was an illiterate but he still applied the tactics of a fisherman to winning souls, so get skilled in whichever industry of Gods kingdom you find yourself.

5. Do not look back in this journey, no matter what. Peter looked back at a certain time but after he got commissioned by God through the holy ghost, he never went back again. Do not look back too, no matter the situation, just keep pressing.

6. Peter was Prayerful 

Do not wait till the time of tribulation before you rise to pray, start praying now!!

7. Peter Prepared for Leadership

It is no child's play that Jesus gave the Peter a leadership position to feed his flocks because it would be so demanding, nevertheless, he kept going till he was called home. Can this be said about you too, will you not turn back because of the pressure? This is the time to look up to God for directions and finances and other things that you need from him in the project he has given to you.


Peter led a meaningful life. Though turbulent at different points, he was conscious of the assignment to follow Jesus to the end. Even in the face of great persecution and death, Apostle Peter’s will to follow and revere Jesus made him ask to be crucified upside down instead of being crucified in the same manner as Jesus.

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