5 Tips to Stop your Mind from Wandering During Bible Study

Sometimes ago, I was battling with focusing while studying the Bible, it was a serious problem for me at the time because almost immediately after I pick the Bible to read, the thoughts of all that I had not done for the day flooded my mind and then I begin to analyze them and how to do them, whereas, the Bible is right there in my hand and sometimes, unconsciously, I would close the Bible and tell myself to do all that needed to be done before I read the bible. Should I tell you what will happen next? I would not finish what was on my schedule and day after day, I do this, and I begin to feel drained.


5 Tips to Stop your Mind from Wandering During Bible Study

Have you experienced your mind wandering in any way before? If yes, then the next five tips are for you but mind you, these tips can not take the place of direct instructions from the Holy Spirit.

1. Pray as you Study

Prayer cannot be overemphasized because it is a platform or medium of legal ground where the spiritual has access to the physical, so when you pray you are giving God access to infiltrate your body this makes your mind obedient to God, but when you do not pray, you will give in to whatever thought that comes your way and this,  in turn, deprives you of the special intimacy and knowledge of the word of God.

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2 Know 'WHY' YOU NEED TO Study

The first question you should ask yourself before you start is "WHY'. This word is the platform of purpose that makes you want to do something because behind the why lies Purpose. Why you do you have to study.

Do you want to study because you'll feel less guilty that you have not read the Bible? Do you want to study so you can portray the notion of being a Bible scholar? Do you study just so you can show off? Do you study so you can have words to say when the devil tries to attack you? Or do you study because you want to know God? When this is established rightly, and your mind is about wandering, you will stand our ground to keep studying because you want to know God.


3. Read Aloud

When you read out loud, it temporarily shuts out every dominating voices in your head, even though you may not understand what you are reading but it gives room for the Holy Spirit to draw your attention to a place in the Bible that will make you fixed to the Bible


This is also very helpful when you notice that your mind wanders away often, getting partner and discussing about a Bible passage preferable on a call will help you as well. My the time you have done for a week, you will begin to see difference and this can begin to mold you. I will advise you get a partner that is same gender as you and strong  as well, and get someone that you can share your problem with

5. Draw Your Mind Back when it Wanders (You can)!

This may sound funny, but I have tried it several times and thankfully, it has worked for me. Do you know that we are spirit beings with a soul and live in a body? Therefore, you have the power to control your mind and tell it where it should go every time or whenever such instruction is needed. Rebuke those misleading thoughts as many times as possible because the devil will not stop trying.


In conclusion, the lie the devil has sold to us is that if you can not carry your Bible without your mind wondering away, then you are not worth reading the Bible at all but that is a big LIE. The devil wants you to just stop reading but what you do not know is that if you are able to shut the voices of distraction in the first few minutes, studying the Bible gradually becomes more capturing as time goes by.

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