Christian Drama: Chosen Generation

Title: Chosen Generation
Text: 1 Peter 2:9,Jeremiah 1:1-5
Trainees: Sis Chioma, Sis Miriam, Kunle Foloki…
General Superintendent: Ayotola Oluseye Olugbenga
Soldiers: Oluwatosin Shalom, Stanley Olorunfemi
Corper Segun: Olatunji Opeyemi
Corper Debby: Sis Blessing/
Corper Tina: Praise Ogar Offa
Costume: Sis Blessing and Sis Chioma
Light: Ayodele Adeniyi
Sound: Mudasiru Eniola Ruth
Script Summary: Sis Goodness
Director: Vincent Nelson Ayomitunde
Videography/photography: Adekanmi Adeniyi

Scene 1

(Some trainees run out from the camp ground panting heavily, looking right and left to see if anyone one sees them)

Trainee 1: I can't do this again, I'm tired. What kind of training is this one?
Trainee 2: I'm honestly tired. It's not a must to be an ambassador oh. The training is rigorous and I'm burning out already. (They grumble and murmur till they leave the stage)

Scene 2

(Some military personnel enter the stage carrying files of different people called from different locations. They meet the General Superintendent.)

Military Personnel: Salute sir!
General Superintendent: Where are the documents I requested?
Military Personnel: Here sir
General Superintendent: Good! These are the new intakes who will attend the ambassadorship training. They will represent this kingdom wherever they are assigned to. We only need one ambassador in every family and then the fire will spread from there. This training will test their temperance, perseverance, meekness, faith, boldness e.t.c. Training will start immediately the admission closes. Is that clear?
Soldiers: Yes sir!
General Superintendent: Admission is still on. Take note of those who are about to pass out, and those who want to drop out because they cannot endure the process. Hmmm, it's a pity that many are called but  only few have positioned themselves rightly to be chosen. Well, take good note of these ones.
Soldiers: Yes sir
General Superintendent: You may leave now.

(They salute again as they leave the stage)

Scene 3

(Two Corp members, Segun and Debby walk in, talking about their senior who lives in the family house)
Segun: Ehehn! Have you heard from that your senior you told me about in camp? What about her?
Debby: Omooo (opens her eyes wide open and turned to Segun). After helping me with the camp address, I promised to check her once I leave the camp but I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her.  With the kind of life she lived on campus, she would have asked me to meet her at an hotel, bar or club. She has really changed, and it is unbelievable. I'm going to see her today again and we will talk at length. I want to know what caused the change.
Segun: Wow, really? Let me see her picture
(He collects the phone, looks at it and they both leave the stage)

Scene 4

(Corper Tina, the senior corp member enters with Corper Debby, shares her testimony with her before traveling back home)

Corper Tina: So that was how Jesus saved me my sister…
Debby: Really? With all the atrocities you were involved in while on campus, I never knew you could still find hope. So Jesus could still forgive you?
Corper Tina: Yes, Jesus still forgives and draws men to Himself. He is willing to bring you close and show forth His glory through your life.
Debby: Hmmm. You see, in my final year just after you graduated, I also made a grievous mistake. I lost my virginity to a guy, Femi, who later dumped me after decieving me for two years. I was blinded by love and gave him my body. Since then I've been all by myself, I've been depressed and I've carried this pain all about. I did so many terrible things at the training camp just to satisfy my body. Please how can I be like you? Show me the way too please.
(She sobs)
Corper Tina: It's alright dear. It's okay, Jesus can restore you. He can make you whole again. You are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, you're a holy nation. God has chosen you and has brought you to stay in this place of making. He wants to form you into his very intentions as He did to me. I am now an ambassador for Christ. That is why my heart is heavy towards those that want to run away from this making process at this time. You must know that before you were posted here, God already knew and He is very intentional. Many people have redeployed and some others are trying to do the same thing, but they do not know that they're running away from God's divine destiny for them. This may be the last opportunity for some persons to take back lost virtues and become God-conscious. This is the training ground for God's generals and you have been chosen to be here at this time…

The Lord will show you mercy and draw you unto Him in strength and power through this training season….

This drama script was first acted on 27/07/2023 by members of the Epistle (Drama) Unit as the Welcome Service Drama Ministration at the Nigerian Christian Corpers' Fellowship (NCCF) Ebonyi State Chapter - EPISTLE UNIT (Turning scriptures into pictures).


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