15 Reasons Why You Should Consider Staying at a Family House During NYSC

Before I start to write, I'd like to mention that our experiences differ - some are good while others may not be really smooth, but in whichever case, you must learn to see the good side of things. This is why last night, I took a trip down memory lane. I recount my National Youths Service Corps (NYSC) experience, especially my stay and service in the Nigerian Christian Corpers' Fellowship (NCCF) Ebonyi State Chapter. Looking back, I can’t help but smile at my experience: the good, bad, ugly and dirty! As a writer, I wish I can pen down everything in details at this time but just in case I don't, I still hope that you will pick a thing or two from this article. 

11 Reasons Why You Should Consider Staying at a Family House During NYSC

The NCCF Family House

Here’s my testimony! I served in Abakailiki, the Capital city of Ebonyi State, Nigeria. The family house I stayed in was the State Family House - more like a headquarters for the many other NCCF family house annexes across the thirteen (13) local government areas of Ebonyi State. The NCCF family house as the name denotes is Christian fellowship accommodation/lodge provision for Corp members during their service year. The house is usually a mix up of Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa and many other tribes - major and minor  across Nigeria. Here, you get to meet corp members who schooled in different institutions -within and outside Nigeria, and Corp members of diverse backgrounds, so I can assure you that you will mingle with very wonderful people who would go on to become a great part of your life.

Before I go into the reasons in this Christian Metro article for today, let me mention that there are so many reasons why you shouldn’t stay in the family house. However, no matter how much you hate it, the truth is that the advantages of staying in the family house far outweigh the disadvantages for a corper relying on your allowee. 

1. Spiritual Growth

For a graduate with Christian upbringing and who honestly wants to live a Christ-like life, the NCCF family house is the best place you can think of. Prayers and worship are usually not less than twice in a day.

you don't want to mess up when scheduled to lead prayer meeting or anchor bible study).

The prayers

2. Leadership Experience

As a member of family house, you may be elected for various offices such as the President, Vice President, Secretary-General, PRO, Treasurer etc. It gives you a leadership opportunity and believe me, you stand to gain so much from such leadership pedestal. Such leadership positions can be written on your CV and the activities involved could be referenced during behavioural interviews.

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3. Access to First hand Information 

It is a popular saying that information is power, and in NYSC, missing one little information can cost you so much. Usually, the Corps Liason Officer (CLO) is a responsible for passing I nformation on clearance, POP date & venue, and other NYSC-related matters among others. For me, I met two CLOs during my stay - the first stayed in a family house annex and the second was an extended brethren in the family house. This meant that it was easy to pass information to the immediate occupants of the family house before it gets to the ‘Ordinary Corper’ in the same locality. Many times, we got to know about PPA Inspections before anyone else and even if you’re not online when such information is passed, you’re assured that there’s definitely someone in your PPA or local government who lives in the house and can pass the information to you.

4. Safety and Security

Family houses are safe to a reasonable extent. There are rules to be kept to ensure everyone’s safety. In my family house, the gates were usually locked by 8PM - which many people believed was too early. However, it was all in a bid to ensure the safety of the house members. Another good thing in the family house is the fact that nobody stole anything from the next person so it was easy to quickly identify and trace anything missing. The only common, seeming issue was that someone could wrongly pick your khaki trousers, socks or white shirts on the line, mistaking it for his or her own. This usually happens to identical clothes and in cases like this, be rest assured that it’s not stealing and you will definitely see your Khaki trousers before you pass out.

5. Culinary and Handcraft Skills

This is where we know the potential wife materials, lol. There are ladies on the cooking roster that you just wish they could be made to cook every day! They cook so well that you can’t help but beg for more.

The good thing is you will be made jest of, but in the long run, you must learn. Also, anyone who is eager to learn bead making, wire works, and all that ish is opportune to learn, most times for free!

6. It's a haven for Nursing Mothers

If you are a pregnant or nursing mother, there are willing corpers who would happily babysit your cute baby while you sleep, wash or go out.

7. It is relatively Cheap and Affordable

At the NCCF family house, we cook together from the same pot. This is possible because we run a monthly food subscription programme with a price fixed by the house administration. 

In my service year, this price was fixed at N9,000 ONLY. Now, considering the economic situation at the time, it was impossible to get a decent meal for any price less than N1000. However, bulk food subscription by the family house allowed us to buy food sutff in bulk thus making it possible to eat one meal for N150 only. Daily, you are guaranteed a decent two-square meal and a place to sleep. Just move in with your clothes, toiletries, laptop, etc. 

You need not bother about buying pots, stove, palm oil, and general foodstuff. Just subscribe and enjoy. You can get your personal provisions though.

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8. Business Referrals

Staying in family house means you’ll be present in church often and also join the youths in various activities. You get to be seen by people and trust me, you never can tell who’s WHO amongst the congregation.

9. You'd always Have Company

It's not only Liverpool fans that never get to walk alone. At the family house, wherever you want to go, even if it’s just a casual stroll, there’s always someone interested in same thing. 

Just make sure if you are a guy, you don’t always hang out with a particular girl, cos everyone will assume you two are dating. Bottom line is wonderful friendship is established there. 


10. You still have a Home after NYSC

You could always show up at the family house even after POP. Maybe you need a place to stay for that important interview or aptitude test, you don’t have to feel stranded.

11. Quality Relationships

In the Family house, you’re likely to

NB: Family house here refers to NCCF, or any apartment provided by your denomination during your NYSC program. These apartments are for corps members only.

12. Sports and Games

There are entertainment gadgets like TV, DVD, GoTV or games to add fun to your stay.

13. Build English Proficiency

Despite the diversity in tribe and tongue at the family house, the official language was English.

14. It is Regimented

I studied Law and I know that generally, human beings do not like laws. Many persons vowed never to stay in a family house no matter the benefits. In fact, someone once confessed that he stayed that long in the house because he didn't have a PPA. His reason was that the family house had so many rules. While the family house is fun-filled, there is a strong measure of discipline. For prospective corps members who haven’t made up their minds about accommodation, you must understand that there are stringent rules to be obeyed, but then as long as the family house rules are concerned, you are fine if you don't break them.

15. You get to Save

Saving is an important financial survival skill for the average individual and as a Corp member, you need money for so many things. You don’t want to end your service year saving only your life alone. You must remember that you will only be paid your Allowee for twelve (12) months and afterwards, you face the real world. If at the point of passing out, you do not have a tangible job, skill and financial savings, you may fall back on your parents or begin to drown in another circle of lack.

16. It's a Place of Love

If you're coming from a family background where you didnt see love been expressed positively, publicly and whole-heartedly, the family house is a place you should stay. The NCCF family house first gives you a warm welcome from your 21 day NYSC camping experince where you met with soldiers and lived a difficult, regimented life for three weeks.

Also, in the family house, everyone sees you as a sibling so you would usually hear statements like "Have you seen my brother/sister?"



Just as mentioned in the beginning of this article, our personal experiences differ. Many people dislike the family house for different reasons ranging from valuing their space and privacy, food taste and quality, health and sanitation among others. However, if you check deep down, you may not really need your "private space" anymore. The family house helps you learn how to live with people, accommodate, tolerate, and do so many things that you didn't know you could do

After spending three regimented weeks in d camp, i can't imgaine puttin myself in bondage for a whole service year. The two days i stayed in d family house durin my service yr was like hell. Imagine someone tellin me i can't wear singlet outdoors durin d hot weather. I can't cook my own meals, i must fellowship wit u - na by force?

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  1. This is so awesome and relatable because I also stayed at the family house😁. Twas a wonderful experience!


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