Christian Drama: Godly Living

Drama Title: Godly Living 
Text: Hebrews 12: 14-17, 1 Timothy 4:12

Woman: Sis. Ogar Praise
Alcohol Seller: Sister Rachael
Clothes Seller: Sister Mercy
Sis Aina Opeyemi
Voice: Bro Matthew (G-Firstborn)

Costume: Sister Chiamaka & Sis. Chioma
Director: Bro Olatunji Opeyemi
Stage Manager: Bro Moses Ajadi
Sound: Bro Joel Olutoto

(The stage opens to show a woman who lives a godly life and is trying to live in this world of sin. She meets different people of different characters and tries to relate with them but she cannot successfully walk with them because they are not on the same page.)

Woman: (complaining bitterly) Living in this world is really difficult. Everywhere I go, there is strife, envy, wickedness and all sorts of evil. Again and again, I find out that the scriptures is true about the wickedness in the heart of man. I move left right and centre and yet, they all push me aside because I am not like them. I am different. I've looked at myself again and again. They have two eyes and I have two too. They have two legs, and I have too. So what exactly is the issue? What?

Voice: The issue is that you have no issue. You are only living a godly life and the world hates a man who lives a godly life. You are not part of them. You're are of a special breed. And no, you don't need to mix with them- You only need the wisdom of God to relate with them and bring them to Christ.


Scene 2

(The scene opens in a market place with traders. The woman visits the market and she tries to relate with the traders but they all turn her away)

Alcohol Seller: (Turns to Cloth seller) See, that believer is coming here soon oh. She told me she wants to buy somethings at the market. I don't know why she doesn't want to mingle with us. This life is not that hard but na she carry God for head. (They laugh as she walks in)

Clothes Seller: (In a mocking tone) Welcome oh Sister Jesus. How you dey today? I know you don't buy the kind of clothes I sell. My clothes are for the very fashionable in society… clothes that are so enticing and beautiful that no man can resist. See that Sisi over there (points randomly), she bought those clothes from here. See how she's looking hot for those brothers.

(All the while, the woman keeps giving reactions of pity and nods her head in shame)

Alcohol Seller: And you see, that sister goes to church too oh. She no carry Jesus for head like you. See, Some two boys came here now. Then be Pastor pickin. Their papa na one of my biggest customer for here but he no just dey come by himself. They don come buy some shots for their papa for this night. And small thing like this, you go say na you no dey drink beer…

(She turns to leave)

Alcohol Seller and Clothes seller: (continues to mock her) Aunty! Sister, you don vex? You don dey comot? E no reach like that oh. E no reach at all. We got help you find small agbo wey go do your body well oh. My sister here will even help you order fresh clothes - long gowns like the one that can cover your legs and your glory too (claps hands together and continue laughing as they sit and gist inaudible behind their goods. The woman goes to the next stall).

Voice: There are so called believers who still do not live godly lives. Today, God is saying He doesn't know you. 

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