Christian Drama: Giving - The Acceptable Sacrifice

NIGERIAN CHRISTIAN CORPERS' FELLOWSHIP (NCCF) Ebonyi State Chapter Drama Night Title: Giving: The Acceptable Sacrifice 
Text: Malachi 1:6-8, Mark 12:42-44 

 CAST Elderly man: Vincent Nelson Elderly woman: Sis Rossy Lady 1 (Celestina): Sis Miriam Lady 2 (Flora): Sis Chioma Glory Lady 3 (Funke): Sis Akinwole Faith Lady 4 (Ada): Sis Akande Rachael Crew Sound: Sis Eniola Ruth (ADD) Light: Sis Eniola Ruth (ADD) Curtains: Bro David Ibimodi (Issachar Papae) and Bro Joel Fayokunmi Costume: Sis. Rachael and Sis. Mercy Make-up: Sis. Rachael and Sis Aina Opeyemi (Fin Sec) Excerpt: Bro Joel Fayokunmi Director: Sis Eniola Ruth (ADD)

Christian Drama: Giving - The Acceptable Sacrifice

 Scene 1 
Four ladies carrying luggages walk into the stage with an elderly man and woman. Lady 1: Mother, Father, We know you two so well. We know you will not come back anytime soon. We know that you are wrapping up your work in our lives and we are not insensitive to this. Please tell us what you want, what do you require from us to receive your blessings? Mother, Father… please release on us your blessings... (she kneels at the centre of the stage, holding the elderly woman's hand. Lady 2: Father, Mother, since we have lived with you, we have become a strong part of you and we have greatly learnt from you. You have been taking good care of us and groomed us so well into becoming beautiful, strong men and women. We know it's time for you to leave… We beg you, please tell us what you want, we are willing to do exactly what you say. Elderly man: My daughters, my precious ones, I've heard you. We have heard far as much as your heart cries that couldn't be said but expressed. We know you love us and that's why it has taken us this long to teach you about this principle… The principle of giving an acceptable sacrifice… Are you sure you're ready to give anything we ask? Are you sure you love us enough to give what we desire? (The ladies chorused in the affirmative - Yes sir… Yes father… Yes mother. We will do that which you ask..) 

Elderly Woman: If that's the case, I remember teaching you the mystery of the altar and the sacrifice… I want you to put that lesson in action and bring to us, a venison. A venison in this case is not necessarily the meat from a dear… instead, it is a choice meal that can only be birthed from a heart that is pure, loving, and indeed willing… When you bring it, we will taste of it and afterwards, we will release our blessings on whosoever it is that meets our expectation. (They joyfully thank them and leave the stage to prepare the venison as curtain closes) 

Scene 2

 (The ladies enter from different corners running Helter skelter. They bump in on each other and start a conversation)

Lady 3: Our father and mother have finally called o (breathing heavily) What exactly can I give to these people? What kind of venison can I present to my father and mother? 

Lady 4: Really? Henhen! Is that why you're breathing so hard (she smiles and claps). Hehehe! It's not hard now. Is it not the regular? Getting a befitting meal for someone of their age should not be an issue. Everything we need is in the kitchen now. I'm heading there already and starting right away. 

Lady 1: See, for me, I feel that whatever you think is in that kitchen is not enough. I'm heading to the market right now. There has to be something more. I mean, it's venison and from the principles we were taught, it means that the gift is a choice meal. That means we must take extra efforts to prepare it. How will I do such cheap thing, and give our father and mother something that won't cost me anything then expect eternal blessings from them? Even Jesus Christ gave His all… He gave his life in total obedience to God's desire. I will use my all my savings if I have to, to ensure that my venison is the best of all. 

Lady 3: (facing lady 1) It's true that you want to give the best venison… but I hope you are aware that it is an unreasonable thing for you to break all your life savings just to get something for these people? If you do that, what will you eat afterwards? What will you feed on? How will You survive? Oh! You want to give them all you have and continue in poverty? Ehn? Come to think of it… This elderly man and woman… They are doing fine. They are wealthy… so really, what do we have that we want to give them? What? See, I suggest that we pull resources together and do whatever we want to do. 

Lady 2: See… maybe this is the time to indeed say that it is the heart that matters. I don't know what we can give to these people but let us just start from somewhere. But in all we do, let us be intentional about this gift so it can be acceptable in their sight… As for me, I'm off to the market… 

Scene 3

(The elderly man and woman are both seated on the stage awaiting the arrival of the ladies who come in almost at the same time) 

Lady 2: Father, Mother, We have come to give our offering. We have diligently prepared the best of the best for you and we hope that you will love this. 

Lady 3: We have finalized our preparations, please eat (they all placed down their trays) Mama: You can leave... Just wait outside for me… (all ladies leave the stage) (She opens the first food) Hmmmm. this tastes so nice and smells really nice. let me check the others and see who understands the principle of sacrificial giving indeed among them. (She kept it aside and drew out the second tray, immediately she opens it, she coughs and shows displeasure in it and covers it back) Elderly woman: My beautiful daughters come... (while she was still speaking they both rushed into the stage). I Love you and you know it. I must commend you greatly for this. I called you and you answered, though it's for your own good but do you remember Jacob and Esau? Do you remember Cain and Abel? (looked at each other in a confused manner) Those who will receive my blessings are those who brought their sacrifice with so much intentionality, and with all their heart. I see a sacrifice made with tears and sweat. For those who have sown in tears, they will obviously reap with joy. Come with me and let me give your due rewards… 

Elderly man: Many of you serve me a rotten food as though I begged from you. Are you not that as a priest you must not offer a polluted bread on the altar? Many people today know how to worship but do not worship. Some worship but don't do it well. You come to the place of prayer, sacrifice but what you offer to God stinks. You offer a vain worship. Just like these ladies… ask yourself if you're acceptable talkless of your service. How do you worship? what do you offer to Him,is it from a clean and holy heart.Are you giving your all? Be ye holy just as God is Holy,to receive full recieve full blessing offer a holy worship to Him.Some offer sacrifice/give offering out of their abundance,you scream well in praise and worship because you have eaten and you're feeling fine but in the day that there's no food,no money,no moral, nothing to give you happiness will you still praise God? Ask yourself

Text: Malachi 1:6-8, Mark 12:43-44, 2nd Corinthians 9:7, Luke 6:38, Proverbs 11:24-25, Matthew 6:19-21

Giving is the act of willful sharing.

Intentional Giving

Sacrificial Giving

Willful Giving 

Consequences of Not Giving

You Lose out of Blessings

It hinders your spiritual growth and maturity

You miss out on the opportunity to bless others

Benefits of Giving

It brings Joy

It shows Gratitude in Your Acknowledgment that everything you have comes from God

Giving strengthens your faith in God's provision

It inspires others to give as well

It helps you shift focus from material things and look at eternal things

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