Christian Drama: Ambassadors for Christ

Drama Night Title: Ambassadors of Christ

Jemima: Sis Favour Maxwell
Temitope: Sis. Itse Mirabel
Chidinma: Sis. Iwakun Mary
Headmaster: Bro Ayotola Oluseye
Town Crier (Mr Akpan): 
Town crier’s female friend (Pepe):
Mama Atuga: Sis Odunayo Ayomide 
Mama Joy: Sis Adebola Apata
Bro Sam: Bro Fayokunmi Joel
Sis. Grace: Sis Ogar Praise
Bro. Thomas: Bro Omosehin Samuel
Villagers: Bro Akinmoju James, Bro Abidemi, Sis. Florence, Bro. Omosehin Samuel, Bro Adenle Adedayo, Sis. Ruth Kayode, Sis Ogar Praise, Bro Shalom Oluwatosin, Bro Gbemiga Godwin, Sis. Ayuk Nyen, Sis Agbidi Victoria, Sis Boluwatife, Sis Faith Oluwafemi, Bro Akinboboye, Bro Adedayo Gabriel.,


(Stage opens to show the village headmaster. He stands up and begins to pack off books from his table while talking to himself.)

Headmaster: These evangelists who said they are bringing the gospel to our village will soon be here. At least, their coming to this land will bring a great change to the people. (Pauses) Come to think of it… They have started preparations for a long time now and it’s so sweet to see young men and women who are standing up as ambassadors for Christ, representing him even in another man’s land. Let me get ready for them and put finishing touches on my preparations. This land must indeed experience the life of Christ.

(He sees Mr Akpan, the town crier from afar and calls out to him)

Mr Akpan! Mr Akpan!! Please come. 
Mr. Akpan: Headmaster sir! I dey come oh (approaches the headmaster) I’m here sir. Hope no problem sir?
Headmaster: There’s no problem Mr Akpan. I just want to remind you of the announcement to the villagers this evening oh. Tell them that the ambassadors of Christ are already in the land and they have come with a good news for all of us. 
Akpan: No problem sir! We go do the announcement.
Headmaster: Ehehen. That’s all (He turns to leave the stage. Curtain closes)

Scene 1
The town crier opens the curtain and begins to drum, calling the attention of people. The villagers come out in twos, threes and more numbers to hear what he has to say.

Town crier: Good People of Igbobi land! I have come again ohhh. I have come to announce to you, about the two days power packed programme holding at the Igbobi High school field starting from this week Friday. This programme is organized by youth Corp members from Abakaliki who were posted to serve their father land here in Ebonyi state. They said they have come as ambassadors of one Jesus Christ and they have come to speak to us about Him. They have also come with free medical care, medical consultation and many gift items for us oh. (The people rejoice) So make it a date and come around with your family so we can hear what they have to say oh!

(The people begin to disperse. The town crier walks to one edge and freezes. His lover, Pepe, walks to meet him and they both freeze. Light shines on two villagers at the centre of the stage

Mama Atuga: My friend, my friend, see as these people dey come talk about one gospel for this land wey nobody send them? Dem talk say them be one ambassador for Christ… you don forget wetin do the other people wey come with their own religion? You don forget wetin we do them?

Mama Joy: My sister, I no kuku forget oh. But from what I heard, these people that are coming, they truly know their God. They are real ambassadors for their king and everywhere they go, they seem to establish His kingdom. I hope this time around, it’s not the case that they will send us packing with all our occult if practises oh. Because I heard that this their God is a really strong God.

Mama Atuga: That’s really serious then. But as for me, I will just keep my fingers crossed. I want to join the winning party only oh. I no ready to kpai just like that.

Mama Joy: Abi na…. Abeg, Make I reach farm cut small vegetable for soup. We go see for evening…

Mama Atuga: Okay na (they both disperse. The town crier and Pepe come closer to the centre of the stage)

Town crier: (calls “Baby” with the Igbo accent while teasing her) Babim! Babim!! I wait for you for that T-junction last night but you no come. I wait tire till sleep wan carry me go for the corner where I sit down. Sleep just wan wound me ehn! Why you no come?

Pepe: No be like that oh. I be wan come but something hook me for house. Na why I no fit come again. (They continue the discussion till they leave the stage)

Scene 2

Stage opens to show three executives of a fellowship. They discuss the recently concluded programme.

Jemima: Thank God for the success of this last Rural Rugged programme oh. See the way the Lord confirmed His words with signs, wonders, and miracles everywhere. You see this man Jesus ehn, e dey do wonders

Temitope: I tell you. The devil tried and tried really hard to make sure we fail, but all glory be to God who causes us to triumph. It’s a really big testimony my dear.

Chidinma: You see, I was speaking with my mother in office and she was just telling me about the many things she saw in the place of prayers. My God! God is really intentional about us and as ambassadors, we must be indeed ready to shine His light, strongly representing the kingdom of God wherever we find ourselves. (A call comes in her phone…) You see, it’s my mother that’s calling again (they laugh as she moves to take the call, leaving the stage)

Temitope: This your mother truly loves you oh… Na so you go love your pipkin sef as we dey almost handover… (laughs as she stands up, now facing Jemima…) Jemima, I wan reach Ventures abeg. I dey come… (curtains close)

Scene 3
(Stage opens to ventures store. Ventures and Rabboni are seen trying to arrange things when the first customer comes in)
Bro Sam: (To Ventures) Ventures! Ventures!! How you dey now? Where is Ventures 2, 3, 4 and 5? They don leave you today? (Temitope walks in rounding up the call)
Temitope: Alright ma. I’d call you after the drama night ma. (Turns to Bro Sam) Big man! Na hear you dey?
Bro Sam: Na here na (looks to Ventures…) Abeg help me fry bread and egg. How much is it?
Temitope: Bro Sam, I want to see you oh… (calls him to the front of Ventures)
You see, there’s this burden I’ve had for a while about the Kingdom call for ambassadors and it’s strongly impressed in my heart to explain this call to you even as we prepare ahead of the forth coming State Conference… I know you’re a prospective and even as we are wrapping up for the coming days, what do you think the call for ambassadors means for us as believers?

Bro Sam: Ma, you see, what I understand is that in a world filled with diverse beliefs and perspectives, we know that God’s kingdom is in need of an ambassador who will play a crucial role in embodying and spreading the teachings of Christ. So, We can be ambassadors of Christ in our daily lives. An ambassador of Christ is someone who not only professes their faith but actively lives it out. He is a representative of a kingdom…

Temitope: Hmmmmm

Bro Sam: It’s true ma. Ambassadorship goes beyond words; it's about reflecting Christ's love, compassion, and teachings in our actions and interactions. Ambassadors are living examples of the principles that guide their lives. As ambassadors, they have a responsibility to share the message of love, forgiveness, and compassion that Christ exemplified. As ambassadors, their actions should reflect the values of humility, kindness, and selflessness, demonstrating the transformative power of faith in our lives….

Ventures: (cuts in) Bro Sam, it’s ready oh. Cash or transfer? If it’s transfer, please send it to V2’s account… (turns away and calls out..) Errrrr…. Middle sir…. (Curtains close)

Scene 4
(Stage opens to show a market scene. The town crier and Pepe are playing “Tinko”)
Pepe: (after missing out on the game the first time) Akpan, You’re making this game difficult for me oh, ehn. How am I the one missing it every time? 
Akpan: Nooo. It’s not like that na. See, Let’s try it again and see
Pepe: No be so ooh. You come my shop come beat me today. No wahala na. Continue…. (They freeze as Sis Grace and Bro Thomas come to the centre of the stage)

Sis Grace: My brother, you see that the light of Christ has come to shine in this land. Thank God for those Corp members who came to us as true ambassadors of Christ. Thank God for their sacrifices in representing Christ in a strange land. They deserve a huge reward and only shod can grant it unto them.

Bro. Thomas: My sister, that’s very true. Just like my name, Thomas, I have doubted the possibility of becoming a better person, but look at me now. I have seen the light. I have seen the gospel of Christ. I have received the life of Christ brought to me by those good ambassadors of Christ. That day, when they marched into this town in their khaki, I thought that the demon of the land will devour them, but see… Instead, by their beautiful smiles, their warm embrace and soothing words, they truly represented Christ and made me exchange the kingdom of darkness for the kingdom of light. (Points at a passerby)… See, that brother was an imbecile just last week, and on the spot at the crusade, he became normal instantly… these are the kind of strange things that happened because of the power of their king and His kingdom… By their prayers, sound doctrine and lifestyle, you will know that these corpers truly represent God’s kingdom. I will forever be grateful for these ambassadors and I pray that they continually burn for God…

Sis Grace: Amen oooh! Amen ooh… See, I want to rush to see my friend down the street.. I no leave you oh..

Bro Thomas: Ah! That’s where I’m heading too, let’s go… (they exit the stage, the town crier and Pepe unfreeze)

Pepe: Ehehn… That reminds me… you remember the programme those Corp members came here to hold? 
Town crier: Yes now…

Pepe: That programme was power packed o. See, I came out for altar call oh! I want to start living my life very well. I want to represent Christ here on earth as an ambassador… Not living the kind of useless life I used to live before…

Town Crier: I talk am! I talk am! I’ve been noticing you since the programme ended too…. But it’s good you came out for altar call… you wey normally need deliverance (she feigns annoyance…) Oya sorrry… na joke I dey joke… but really I didn’t see you during the altar call. I came out too na..

Pepe: How you wan take see me inside that kind crowd? The crowd plenty na…

Town crier: That’s true oooh… but you see, all that matters now is that we are the new creation in Christ Jesus and we have a mandate to live for Christ as ambassadors…

Pepe: Yes ooh.. (stands up to go and get water)… I dey come abeg, make J enter shop carry water come. He follows a different route out of the stage, saying he wants to ease himself “Me sef, I wan piss abeg…” as the curtain closes)


Headmaster: (Raising up an International Passport) You see, we all have an identity. Our Sunday confession says we are not of this world. If indeed we are citizens of God’s kingdom by virtue of our redemption, then it means we are ambassadors of Christ here on earth….

(The town crier runs in)

Town crier: Headmaster! Headmaster! I’m ready to make the new announcement oh! The new announcement! The call for Kingdom ambassadors. The call for ambassadors of Christ… ambassadors who will take responsibility for God’s kingdom and its establishment here on earth… Sjnce those Corp members came to this land, they have shown us a different lifestyle. In such a short time, they showed themselves as good ambassadors of a good kingdom. So I’m dedicating my life henceforth to living as an Ambassador of Christ… I don’t know if you want to do same but I make this call to you today and ask you to become a representative of this Kingdom. (Collects the international passport)… You see, this your international passport recognizes you as a citizen of a country and indirectly, you are a representative of that country. This passport in itself is limiting But with God, your identity as an ambassador has so much benefits that you can never imagine. In all, you were saved to save others.. you are an ambassador of Christ so you can call others to enjoy this life of representing Christ…

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