Biography of Prophet Eni-Iyanu Olamijulo

 The Prophet Eni-Iyanu Olamijulo, was born in Esa-Oke, Osun State Nigeria on Monday 22nd of August 1988.

Full Biography of Prophet Samson Olamijulo


He had an early Salvation encounter with JESUS CHRIST at an annual Jesus Festival Crusade Tagged: "Be Prepared" in January 1999; the follow-up process took about a week stretch (every evening) after the crusade as this led him to studied all the Chapters of his Yoruba Bible. After series of encounters with the LORD JESUS, he received the Call of God into ministry on his way to one mountain in his hometown at the age of 11 in few days to his 12th birthday, where he heard the voice of Jesus Christ speaking to him that "He had chosen him to be His Mouthpiece and as His Envoy to His People, but instructed him to Tarry in God's Presence always."
This made him to continue deeper in studying and meditating the Word of God. God's love upon his family was evident as both his parents and siblings were  God-fearing and Kingdom chasers.


By the mercy of God, TheProphet was anointed and ordained by the "Will of God" as a sent Prophet to the Churches of all Christians at the age of 22 on 23rd April, 2011. He was mandated to preach "the Truth" to "the righteous in faith" by "mission" globally.
With this mandate, he became the Founder of THE RIGHTEOUS FAITH MINISTRY INTERNATIONAL [TRIFAMINT]. The ministry which was on missionary mode only till 22nd April, 2022 when he crashed it to start a fresh movement.

Prophet Eni-Iyanu Olamijulo, a young but a dynamic teacher, and a minister of God have shared the Truth of God's Love and Word coupled with his Experiences & Intimacy with the Holy Spirit which he called "LOVEandLIGHT" with thousands of people in Churches, Crusade, Seminars or Retreats both Indoors, Media and Outdoors through his ministry.
He defines his Mandate as "bringing love and light to every creature in the Power of Holy Spirit."


Academically, he started and completed his elementary education at United Missionary Primary School, Esa-Oke, he then proceeded to Esa-Oke Grammar School Esa-Oke and from there to Imesi-Ile High School Imesi Ile where he obtained his SSCE certification. He attended Osun State College of Technology Esa-Oke and The Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti; he graduated as a Machine Designer, in the field of Mechanical Engineering in 2014.

TheProphet, is an Eternity Student of Holy Spirit (Though, he graduated at The Christian Faith Bible College CFABIC, International School of Specialized Ministries, Joseph Ayo Babalola International School of Prophets JABISOP, and Word of Faith Bible Institute WOFBI; but, yet a student of Holy Spirit) because, he would say "I am a student that will never graduate in The School of Holy Spirit, though I've been promoted many times."

Although, he was brought up in the faith of Anglican, but the Calling of God to the Body of Christ became evident on him when he started his Kingdom Services as a Children (Teenagers) Sunday School Class Representative for Church Quizlet and Debates, alongside his younger brother. At the age of 18, he joined the member of Evangelical Fellowship in Anglican Communion EFAC (the Youths fellowship) and also joined the Church choir same year. His passion for Piano made him to enrolled at the Ilesha Diocesan School of Music at St. Peter Anglican Church, Isona Ilesha (a Thursday evening weekly training in Organ Major). This was where he studied about sight-reading.


He was once the Church Organist at Anglican Church of Advent Esa Oke in 2006-2008; St Paul's Anglican Church Esa Oke in 2008 and 2012/2013; New Covenant Church, Adesuper Center Ondo in 2009-2011; Zion Baptist Church, Iyara-Ijumu Kogi State in 2014, and Emmanuel Methodist Church Cathedral Iffe-Ijumu Kogi State in 2015.
He is an Alumnae Fellowship of Christian Students [FCS] Nigeria, and member Scripture Union Nigeria.
He was the Fellowship President of New Covenant Students Fellowship [NCSF] of The Federal Polytechnic Ado Ekiti in 2011/2012.
He was the Zonal Coordinator &Bible Study Cord, Ijumu zone of Nigeria Christian Corpers' Fellowship [NCCF] Kogi State Chapter, and the Pastor of Mid-Week Service at Bethel Baptist Church Iffe-Ijumu during his one year national service of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in 2014/2015.


TheProphet has been mentored and influenced by many heavily anointed men of God. He describes himself as a product of many graces, anointings and divine impartations. This is seen when he talks about the different men of God that have at one time or the other imparted his life through their exemplary life, vision, dreams, books, and teachings including; Jesus Christ Himself, Bro. Gbile Akanni (Gboko Nigeria), Late Pastor Tshifiwa Irene {South Africa}, Late Prophet Ravenhills {America} Late Prophet T.B Joshua {SCOAN/Emmanuel TV}; and among those he had received direct training, mentorship and impartation from are the popular like: Rev. Jacob & Evang. Elizabeth Olamijulo {Christ Sought-out Church of God}, Prophet (Prof.) 'Femi Adedeji {Joseph Ayo Babalola International School of Prophets}, Rev. Dr. & Rev. Mrs Abel Ayodele-Oduola {Scripture Union Nigeria}, Evang. Mercy Akintujoye (The Light of God Church), Pastor Faith Olutayo {Christian Faith Bible College}, Bishop David Oyedepo {Winners Chapel/WOFBI), the Late Global Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke {Christ For All Nations cFan}, Pastor E.A Adeboye {RCCG Worldwide}, Pastor W.F Kumuyi {DCLM Worldwide} and the Great Apostolic Father Apostle Joshua Selman {Koinonia Global}. Men and Women whom GOD have used to raised and connected him to the lineage of His Generals.


TheProphet had the most inspiring encounter when the Lord Jesus Christ Himself appeared to him and stood tall to heaven in his room. That day he saw the Heartbeat of Jesus and the Crucified Jesus. After which Jesus shed His Light upon him. That encounter brought a level of anointing and illumination into his life as he began to have extraordinary insight into the deep mysteries in God's Word and into the realm of the Spirit like never before. Since then, he maximized the privilege he got to share the love of Jesus Christ with everyone. He continued in that trend and preached at every program that he was invited to. But, according to the measure of Grace upon him, he has been preaching the Gospel of his Jesus in Churches &ministries at both Kiddies, Youths and Adults levels.


He holds the Office of a Prophet from birth, and he's a gifted seer, as this was confirmed by the Christian communities. He is well known for his Seasonal/ Global Prophecies, and Daily Prophetic Declarations which are accurately manifested. He uses his prophetic and seer's gifts to bring the message of GOD to mankind and his environment, from individual to Church to global platforms as instructed by the Holy Spirit.


The Prophet, who understands spiritual principles and timing revealed that he had since year 2015 received his prophetic authorisation name as Eni-Iyanu (meaning The Miracle One), with abundant grace to start a monthly onsite Interdenominational Programs. He received these two things that will later transformed his life during A-12weeks long of Word Study, Prayers & Fasting. But he also received that he should wait until he clocked 33years. 
Hallelujah, on Saturday 23rd of April 2022, the exact day of his 11th Year Ordination Anniversary, the Holy Spirit birthed the "LOVE AND LIGHT CONFERENCE", a monthly onsite meeting put together by LOVE AND LIGHT EMBASSY (a non-denominational Christian gathering). The ministry is also known as Jesus Followers Network Center.


Prophet Eni-Iyanu is happily married to his heartthrob, Pastor Henrietta. She is an anointed Minstrel, a gifted Saxophonist, a Woman of Godly Virtues and Co-Labourer in God's vineyard.


Love and Light Embassy was established with the sole aim of serving as a medium of reaching out to God in worship, word and prayers; thereby experiencing the true intimacy with the Godheads.

All the Love and Light Embassy monthly programs was slated for every Second Saturdays and Sundays every month and is hosted by  the Couple.


The Embassy Vision is set to reach the unreached (unbelievers) with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To transform the reached (believers) with the true knowledge of God's Word; and to help empower the transformed believers with the Power of Holy Spirit.

The Embassy Mission Statement is to gather Christian communities (such as individuals, churches and or fellowships) for the celebration of the vision, and an experience of the potential favorable things that shall come to pass in due season which centers on some unique aspect of the community, pertaining to search as for gold, as presented to the mind of the one seeing through the revelation of Holy Spirit by the grace of God and according to His Will in Christ Jesus.

Alongside the Mission statement, are the Seven-Fold Mandates, which are:
• To help actualize the Global harvest of souls...
• To help strengthening the unity of faith...
• To nurture, equip and build believers unto the fullness of stature and maturity...
• To manifest the reality of God's Love and Power... through miracles, signs and wonders...
• To be among the instruments of edification, perfection, completion and balance in the five-fold ministry...
• To help become a portal of faith works for generations... and 
• To help become a platform of hope for human race & development...

The core values of the program are love, faith, evangelism, fellowship, building purpose, transforming character, attaining excellence, acquiring kingdom wealth & prosperity amongst other spiritual and Biblical principles.

Currently, Prophet Eni-Iyanu and Pastor Henrietta leads the Love and Light Embassy, from where they're working for Jesus Christ, nurturing the believers and younger generation with the bread of life, and teaching them the ways of God in this Kingdom through various arms of the ministry.

The couple also founded and inaugurated BOANERGES INSTITUTES in February 2024. 
Boanerges Institutes comprises of: 
- School of Ministry -Boanerges Bible College [BôBIC]
- School of Leadership Development -Boanerges Leadership Academy [BôLA]
- School of Business
- School of Music

The Prophet and his Wife are the founder of GodLife Muzik Inc.; also organizes "Children Bible School Quiz/Debate" for Teenagers during Long Vacation in August every year.

It's worth noting that the Prophet chose to be called Eni-Iyanu because he had encountered the "God of Miracles" in all aspects of his life and ministry.

The Prophet is active on social media. You can connect with him via his official handles on Facebook, Instagram and X(formerly Twitter) only as Prophet Eni-Iyanu Olamijulo, and the ministry's handles as @LoveandLightEmbassy on Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, TikTok and YouTube.

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    He is one of the rising Endtime Prophet of God in Nigeria. May God help him and his ministry

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