Building Excitement about Jesus

With personal struggles and the general state of our world, it may be difficult to stay positive and see the good things shining through. Have you ever felt this way? Many people are and so you should know you are not alone!

Building Excitement about Jesus by Utenwo-Ojo Abraham Comfort

But there is more. Excitement raises hopes and encourages you to focus on something beautiful in your life at the moment, or that you’re looking forward to shortly. It can be silly or a big deal or a combination of both. For me, I'm excited about Jesus. He is one person I'm excited about because, he has been helping me through the storm. Not being excited about him is wrong!

Life is so busy!  We rush through it all so we can check things off of our lists and “feel” accomplished.  In all this busyness, we are losing sight of the important things; true joy, God’s peace, and excitement for Jesus.  We talk about self-care because we are running on empty most days.  I do think that self-care and time alone are important, even Jesus went off to be alone with God, but why are we needing this so badly now?

I think, as Christians, we want to be excited about Jesus.  We want to have joy and peace, but we walk away from our Bibles and devotionals and run into our day of endless cleaning and laundry and kids.  Our excitement for what we learned that morning during our time with God is gone by the time the first bowl of Cheerios hits the floor.

Choose to be excited about Jesus today! because, he is everything and more!

Jesus Lives and he still does wonders and I'm excited about this Jesus! Are you?

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