5 Things the Bible Says about Virginity

Many people talk about virginity by asking questions such as "who is a virgin?", "Are you a virgin?', who isn't and who it might be. Virginity is a pride that needs to be cherished. The word "virginity" is not only attributed to the female gender alone. In the world people term you as being childish or not been exposed(negatively), if it comes to their notice that you are a virgin. In Deuteronomy 22;20-23, the Bible makes us to understand the painful consequence of not been a virgin. Purity is needed in our daily lifestyle. Challenges all around, hurdles here and there, obstacles back and forth, still things are not going your way.At that point where all hopes seems lost and you think there is no one to run to, why not go to the Calvary, where all burdens are lifted? Why sell your virginity for a little amount? . And the end of the day, you begin to regret, feel pained and allow depression to take over you. "Others may, but I cannot" , should be your watchword. It's totally understandable for both guys and girls to feel pressured, but you have an undaunted mind, take your stance and remained unmoved.
5 Things The Bible Says about Virginity  
Though a person's body may feel urged for sex but you just have to resist it. Devilish thoughts like masturbating, using of object and so many other hurtful things will pop up in your mind as an alternative for sex, but you don't know have detached yourself from God(greatest mistake). Let's all learn to keep our virginity till the day we have solemnly become one with our partner. In Mathew 19;6, the Bible talks about the joining together of two people who becomes one flesh (no man can ever put asunder). That' the beautiful aspect of marriage, you are confident that you were pure and holy without stain.

According to the Bible, virginity is regarded as a symbol of vestals purity which enable them to act as intermediaries between human and the divine world. The veneration of Mary, mother of Jesus is a spiritual importance assigned to virginity as a whole.
When making decisions make sure you know the consequences of the actions before making them. It's so sad to see that adolescent girls sell their bodies just to get a devices of their choice, clothes, shoes, jewellery, makeup kits, footwear's and so many more. Will all this last for lifetime? No! But once your virginity is taken, it can't be recovered. It can only be recovered spiritually , through a closer walk with God and a salvation filled with sincerity and total acknowledgment.
Always smile and be happy all the time, be contented with whatever you have. Don't allow greed and conveteousness to make you lose an expensive price that is not recoverable. God is aware of your situation. Put Faith in whatever you do. Remember Faith without works is dead. So whatever you do have faith and put lot of effort to it. Simply put, do your best and leave the rest to God.
Dear Virgins, while the world mocks,mimicks you for your ignorance, foolishness and inexperience. Just know that God is smiling at you for your strength. It's okay to feel bad if you are not a virgin because of rape, sexual harassment and some other expensive factors. But listen my dear, that's not the end of the world. There is still time for you to make things right. It has happened and it can't be changed. Move on with your head raised high, putting God as first in whatever you do and he will see you through.
We are peculiar people God has chosen to shine his light on. Go and Shine

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