Biography of Apostle Ele Adejoh

Apostle Ele Adejoh is a teacher, prophet and Apostle consecrated to God right from the womb. Apostle Ele began life with the mark of God at his birth as he was born with dreadlocks. His journey into his consecration however, took a sharp detour during his adolescent years as the Devil obviously had plans to obliterate God's grand purpose for his life. 

Apostle Ele Adejoh was lured into a life of excesses and debauchery as a young adult. Growing up, he joined the Nigerian army and was posted to Lagos, to a place where the late Afrobeats Maestro, Fela Anikulapo Kuti had his Afrika Shrine in the suburbs of Ojuelegba in Lagos. Even as a soldier, Apostle Ele was a central figure of the moral cesspool that Kalakuta Republic was notorious for. He earned a fearsome reputation as a violent street fighter and gang leader. Nothing about his life at this stage, looked anything like a man in whose life, God had any stakes. 

In an amazing show of Divine Mercy and Grace, Apostle Ele Adejoh was one-day, arrested by the General Sani Abacha Junta on the trumped-up charge of aiding NADECO's alleged terrorism acts. He was absolutely innocent but the Abacha Junta desperately needed a scapegoat and Apostle Ele Adejoh was the perfect fall guy. Clamped into a solitary confinement cell on the direct orders of the dreaded Colonel Frank Omenka, with no hope of reprieve, Apostle Ele turned to God for mercy. The Lord who had this written in His divine script for Ele, answered his cries for mercy and revealed himself to him right there in solitary confinement. That encounter was to change his life forever.

Apostle Ele Adejoh is been a direct and indirect mentor to many including Reverend Gideon Ekele Odoma

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