Biography of Reverend Victor Adeyemi

Biography of Reverend Victor Adeyemi

Reverend Victor Adeyemi is the founder and senior pastor of Global Harvest Church with branches around Nigeria and several countries abroad.

With over 30years in ministry, He has served God passionately with excellence and integrity, touching the lives of millions across the globe through his itinerant ministry, media broadcasts and conferences.

He is a significant voice in the body of Christ who through the teaching and preaching of God’s word and the demonstrations of the Spirit and power of God, led many into supernatural experiences of salvation, healing, impartations and revelation knowledge. His ministry has helped people to discover, develop and deploy their potentials in order to fulfill their God given purposes.


Full Biography of Reverend Victor Adeyemi

My passion is to help people discover and fulfill their personal purposes. My belief is that everyone was born to play a significant role in life. embedded in that is a sense of contribution that unlocks personal happiness.



Global Harvest Sep 1995 - Present · 26 yrs 8 mosSep 1995 - Present · 26 yrs 8 mos
            Founded Global Harvest in 1995 in order to reach the World through church Planting, evangelism, crusades and every available media. 

Before establishing the Global Harvest Church, he was the minister in charge at the Rhema Chapel International Churches between September 1990 and September 1995 


Pioneered a church Plant that grew to 3 churches in 5 years with thousands worshipping weekly.

By his Education, Reverend Victor Adeyemi is a graduate of the Kwara State Polytechnic and holds a Diploma in Law which he attained between 1987 - 1989. As a licenced and certified life coach, he is also a recipient of the John Maxwell Coaching Certification from The John Maxwell Company issued in February 2013. Reverend Victor Adeyemi also holds a Doctorate of Philosophy from North Western Christian University.

This is the story of 2 brothers who are popular Pastors. One is a Pastor in Lagos, while the other is a Pastor in Ibadan. But both started off as young Pastors in Ilorin. It is the story of Pastor Sam Adeyemi of Daystar Christian Centre in Lagos and his younger brother, The Rev. Victor Adeyemi of Global Harvest Church in Ibadan.

They are both popular pastors because of the large congregations of youths and adults who attend their church services. One striking thing about them is that they look alike. It will interest you to know that they are the first to become pastors in their family and they have excelled at it. The Rev. Sam Adeyemi pastors one of the largest congregation in Nigeria, which is mostly dominated by the youth he grooms to be leaders.

His church is a fast-growing, life-changing church committed to “raising role models”. He is also the President of Success Power International, an NGO, that, among other things, specialises in organising financial, leadership and motivational seminars and President of Daystar Leadership Academy, a leadership school for business owners and ministers of the Gospel.

His brother, the Rev Victor Adeyemi, is the founder of Global Harvest Church with branches in Nigeria and abroad. He travels widely to several nations of the world preaching, teaching and healing the sick. He is a regular speaker at seminars and conferences around Nigeria and the world at large. He is passionate about evangelism and is committed to organising crusades around the globe. He reaches out by Television and publications.

Both brothers  are successful ministers of God. Not many know that they started off in Ilorin, Kwara State and they have been in the ministry for over 30 years. They both entered into full time ministry after joining Rhema Chapel, under the leadership of  Reverend George Adegboye in Kwara State.

Though Reverend Victor Adeyemi and his brother, Reverend Sam Adeyemi, were born into a religious home in Odo-Ere, Yagba-West Local Government Area in Kogi State, they became the first members of their family to become ministers of God. This happened when they joined Rhema Chapel International Church, Ilorin, under the ministry of The Reverend George Adegboye, who believed so much in the two that he made Reverend Sam Adeyemi the Director of Pastoral Care before he later made him Minister in Charge, and later posted him to Lagos. Pastor Sam Adeyemi once spoke about why he left Rhema Chapel to start Daystar Church, In his words” I can still remember clearly, I felt like my ministry was stagnated and things were not moving for me. So, I decided to pray. I remember that day in April 1994, my wife and I went to Lekki beach, fasting and to pray. I was praying, asking God about the next level, where do I go from here?”

God spoke to me and asked me to continue with the prayer and fasting. After days, He said I should stop the fasting, but go ahead with the prayer and I obeyed.  “Sometime in July that year, the Lord spoke to me clearly one morning that He was going to take me to the next level of the ministry, to teach Biblical success principles. He said I would not be able to do the things He wanted me to do in my former pastorate, because He was asking me to teach success on radio, television, tapes, publications and seminars. In addition, I was to establish a church that would help people discover and realise their potential. I got the vision for Success Power International and Daystar Christian Centre on the same day. On November 18, 1995, Daystar Christian Centre was inaugurated.

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Also his younger brother, The Rev Victor narrated his journey into the ministry under the leadership of Rhema Chapel Pastor, The Rev George Adegboye, on his official page when he celebrated his 30 years in the ministry entitled ‘’30 years of ministry— How it all started’’

“Victor, you are preaching at the birthday celebration this evening,” Brother George said to me after the Holy Ghost Caucus All Night Prayer meeting of August 22/23, 1986. All my pleas fell on deaf ears as fear gripped my heart. His first son, Faith, had turned a year old on Friday August 22, but had the celebration postponed to Saturday to maintain focus on the All Night prayer meeting that was part of spiritual preparations for an upcoming city-wide crusade.

“I had joined this growing fellowship of about 40 people comprising majorly university and polytechnic students in May 1985. The small group of believers met in the sitting room of The Rev George Adegboye, who was to be ordained in November 1986, but was at the time popularly called Brother George.
Reverend Victor Adeyemi became a remedial studies student of Kwara State Polytechnic so that he could get the opportunity of a very close and eventually intimate mentor/protege relationship between himself and Reverend George Adegboye. That opportunity helped him learn how to witness, minister the Holy Spirit, study the Bible, preach, relate with people and even how to eat Amala and Abula (a local Nigerian Yoruba delicacy). The experience was massive and that grew his contagious passion for spiritual things. According to Reverend Victor Adeyemi, other mature leaders at the Holy Ghost Caucus fed them with the Word from time to time including The Rev George’s cousin, Joseph Saliu who was instrumental to his joining the fellowship, Akin Oni, Moji Adeyemi (Reverend Victor Adeyemi's uncle who led him to Christ and ministered the Holy Ghost to me), Emmanuel Olowodola Snr and others. When I was asked to preach before some of the above spiritual giants and many others, the feeling of trepidation overwhelmed me.

I could only catch 2 hours of sleep after the All Night prayer as I got back to praying and preparing for what would be my very first sermon after giving my life to Christ. I remember picking ‘Salvation and Evangelism’ as the sermon’s title. 15 minutes into preaching, I ran out of what to say. Brother George wanted to use the occasion to confirm his perception that I was called into the ministry. The result of his confirmation would be the opportunities he began to give me at the tender age of 17 to preach in High Schools, Tertiary institutions, Churches, Chapters of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship and eventually to be the pioneer pastor of Rhema Chapel Ibadan. 30 years later, I’m still preaching to the glory of God.

Looking back today, my heart is filled with gratitude for the honour and privilege to have served the Lord behind the pulpit all these years and I count it the highest honour to be entrusted with the life-changing gospel of Jesus Christ.

As both brothers  had made a success of their careers, so also is their marriage. Pastor Sam Adeyemi is married to Pastor Nike Adeyemi, who is passionate about social service. She runs The Real Women Foundation. She also sits atop Pneuma Publishing Limited and Daystar Children Centre. She graduated from the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) with a and in Architecture in 1989 and 1991 respectively.

The architect-turned-pastor is the Director, Women Ministries of Daystar Christian Church and the President of Real Women Foundation, a motivational and healing ministry for women. The marriage is blessed with 3 children.  Rev Victor Adeyemi is married to his beautiful wife, Jumoke Adeyemi, who is the Co-Pastor of Global Harvest Church. She is the host of several conferences and meetings both in and out of the country. ‘Mama’ as she is fondly called, is a passionate preacher, who holds a master’s degree in personnel psychology from the University of Ibadan and their union is blessed with four children.

This is the story of 2 handsome brothers who are prominent Pastors. It is the story of Pastor Victor Adeyemi & Pastor Sam Adeyemi. Many people don’t know they are brothers. Pastor Sam Adeyemi is the Snr. Pastor of Day Star Christian Centre. He has a younger brother, Pastor Victor Adeyemi who is also a Pastor of Global Harvest Churches. The siblings, who spent their first 8 years of their life in Mokuwa in Niger State were deeply influenced by their religious background to work in God’s vineyard, shepherding and winning souls for Christ. Pastor Victor, who advocated ideological based political party and selfless, patriotic political leaders to take people to the promised land where tenets of democracy are upheld and people’s fundamental rights are respected, reflected on the sibling love that binds him and his elder brother.

It has been very fulfilling, exciting and enriching. Pastor Sam Adeyemi is my elder brother and interestingly, there is just a year and ten months between us. When children are born so close to one another, they are usually very close. Of course, as children, you will have your sibling rivalry, wrestling with one another, but we stopped doing that as teenagers and he noticed that I was as strong as he was.

Fortunately, we came into our spiritual persuasion and calling at the same time. So, just like we grew up together physically, we grew up spiritually and we worked under the same pastor also and we left that ministry the same time and we didn’t plan it as siblings. He was the first person to speak on a journey that he was planning to talk to our pastor, “God is speaking to me about starting a ministry which is Day Star today and I was like really, I was planning on doing the same”.

It was a discovery we both made and that was how we started our ministry. We continue to remain very close and the Bible says that a friend loves at all times and a brother is born for the day of adversity. We’ve loved each other from childhood and will continue to do so. In the good times and the bad times, we are solidly there for each other. We like a verse in Proverbs that says: “there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother”, we feel very close and we feel like we are not just brothers but very close friends.

Let’s talk about the role of your wife in your ministry?

My wife has been my rock. She has been by my side very solidly from day one. We met when we were both under my pastor. Till we got married, she was his personal assistant. We became connected by our shared values and passion for spiritual things. We sensed a lot of mutuality between us and that grew into a strong conviction that we are really meant for each other in God’s plan and we are so grateful. We got married on the 7th of Nov, 1992, and we are 27 years married now. We got married on my 24th anniversary and she was 22. We thank God our marriage has grown over the years. She has been right there by my side. She has been the Vice President of our ministry from the very beginning. She has served as administrator, and she has served in various capacities over the years.

Today, she is even the pastor of our main church in Lagos, because I oversee all the branches and I travel a lot and she is doing a better job of it than I was doing. So, she has been very active from the very first day of the ministry and she remains very active till today. She is a solid partner and a solid rock behind me.

Life started for me over 51 and half years ago in the Mokuwa, Niger State. Actually born in the then Nepa hospital in Kanji that is New Bissau. Our dad worked with the Ahmadu Bello University research station in Mokuwa, Niger State. He was the head of the building and maintenance unit of the research section and we lived in the staff quarters at that time. The staff quarters were located in a village so my first 8 years in life was in a rural setting. That is why I don’t like this Lagos as much has like my village and I like the rural setting. I hailed from Odoere in Kogi State then Kwara State and now the Kogi State. So, we are part of what you call the Okun people of Kogi State and we speak the Yagba dialect, a dialect of the Yoruba language.

Our historical ancestry is from Oyo Ile in Oyo State. So, life started out in Mokuwa, Niger State, and I was 8 when our family moved to Ilorin, Kwara State and our dad resigned his appointment and went into business and one of the major motivation for moving to Ilorin was because he didn’t want his sons to grow up in that rural area. So, he moved us to Ilorin where we furthered our education through primary to secondary school. I went to Kwara State Polytechnic and from there I went into the ministry with Rema Chapel. I had a humble family background and a religious family and that exposed us to what we are doing today.

I just want to say keep hope alive. Difficult times don’t last forever. When I finished secondary school as a teenage boy, I failed exams. I couldn’t make enough credits to further my education and poverty set in and my family could not even send me back to school. It was through the contribution of Christian brothers and sisters in the small fellowship that I was able to do GCE to now be able to put my results together and able to further my education. It was a very gloomy period for me as I was very depressed and even suicidal at that time, but thankfully I didn’t have the courage to take my life at that time.

I remember reading a book from an uncle of mine who had led me to Christ and brought me into the faith that I have right today and that book was written by Robert Shula and it’s entitled: Tough Times Don’t Last But Tough People Do. I picked the book and began to read it and hope began to revive inside of me. One reality is these tough times never last. This is not the first pandemic that would hit the world and my brother discovered one that happened about a hundred years ago even it affected Nigeria and today we still have our planet.

There are various challenges that have come against our world, but we always overcome, so it is the same thing for us as individuals. Victory is a great possibility for everyone and we should just seek to connect with God. Don’t go through life alone without that help that comes from heaven. When the heaven is backing you up, you will survive your trying times and you will come out victorious.

Victor Adeyemi is the founder and senior pastor of Global Harvest Church with branches around Nigeria and several countries abroad.
With over 30years in ministry, He has served God passionately with excellence and integrity, touching the lives of millions across the globe through his itinerant ministry, media broadcasts and conferences.

He is a significant voice in the body of Christ who through the teaching and preaching of God’s word and the demonstrations of the Spirit and power of God, led many into supernatural experiences of salvation, healing, impartations and revelation knowledge. His ministry has helped people to discover, develop and deploy their potentials in order to fulfill their God given purposes.
Rev Adeyemi has also authored many books and consistently engaged a vast audience on his social media pages where he shares practical insights from the Word of God and answers questions on relevant subjects. His heart of compassion is expressed through feeding and clothing interventions, medical outreaches, ministry to people with disabilities and medical outreaches as significant parts of the activities of Global Harvest Church.

He is married to Pastor Jumoke Bolaji with whom he oversees their growing network of churches and their union is blessed with four adult children.

Jumoke Mobolaji Michelle Adeyemi is a wife, mother, grandmother, sister, aunt, friend, Pastor, mentor and coach. Born on April 7th 1970. She completed her primary and secondary school education in Sokoto State. Obtained a Bachelors Degree in English Language at the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria in 1992. She obtained a Certificate in ministerial training from Ever Increasing Word Ministry in 1992 and A Diploma in Ministerial training in 1993. She attained a Masters in Personnel Psychology from the University of Ibadan in 1997. She also obtained The Certificate in Ministry Leadership and Executive Management from the Regents University Professional and Continuing Education in 2014.

Raised an Anglican, as a youngster, she sang in the choir with her mom, Mary Olaore and and other siblings. She also served in the teens group of the church. She served in the children’s church with her father, Isaac Olaore. Jumoke was a vibrant member of youth group at her church. She gave her life to Christ on August 20, 1987 in Sokoto State, Nigeria.

Further to her salvation, in 1987, whiles bagging her A-Levels in Kwara state Polytechnic, she moved to join the Ever Increasing Word Ministry also known as Rhema Chapel, under the Leadership of Rev George Adegboye. It was at this ministry that she met her husband, Victor Adeyemi.

Jumoke has a strong passion to serve and is blessed with strong work ethics. As a spinster, at the Ever Increasing Word Ministries, AKA Rhema Chapel, Jumoke served in different capacities. The First Secretary of the church choir. As a Certified C.E.M Children’s teacher, she taught the children’s church from kindergarten to teens church. She also pioneered the first Grounds, Parks and decorations department of the church. She served as the first secretary of its Youth Fellowship which was headed at the time by Pastor Sam Adeyemi. She served as the first pastor of the campus fellowship of the mini campus, university of Ilorin in 1990. She served as a member of the Intercessory department, Head of teens church, The editor of the youth magazine. She served as a vibrant and committed member of the Village evangelism and gospel by bus team, and attended the YMTS - Young Ministers Teaching School. She served as the First Special Assistant to the president of the ministry, Rev George Adegboye from 1991-1992. She got married on November 7, 1992. After Marriage, she joined her sweetheart Victor Adeyemi who was Pastoring Rhema Chapel Ibadan, Oyo state as the pioneering pastor of the ministry’s first church branch which was planted in 1990. With her relocation to Ibadan in 1992, she served for three years, as the Regional Manager of the first regional office of the Ever Increasing Word Ministry and GAWO (George Adegboye World Outreach) from 1992 to 1995. Jumoke was ordained into ministry by Rev George Adegboye in December 1993.

In October 1995, Victor and Jumoke were led of God and started Global Harvest Church. A vibrant growing international church with branch churches in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States, Canada and still growing. She is a mother to four adult children and a grandmother. As Co-Founder and First Associate Pastor, she also served as the first church administrator of Global Harvest Church in 1995. She later became the Director of Administration for the entire Global Harvest Church Ministry in 1997 until 2013. She became the Resident Pastor of Global Harvest Church Ibadan from 2005-2007 and She ran a clothing and fashion boutique business from 2001-2008. Her family relocated to Lagos Nigeria in 2008, to settle and pastor Global harvest Church Lagos which she and her husband planted in 2004. Whiles Pastor Victor shuttled, Ibadan and lagos at weekends, She remained in Ibadan and pastored the church there. From 2008 when they relocated, she remained an Associate Pastor in the Lagos church, until December 2016 when her husband set her over the church as the pastor of the church, whiles he traveled on itinerary ministry and she become the Lead Pastor of Global Harvest Church, Maryland Lagos till December 2020. She pioneered the SHOP4FREE Initiative of Global harvest Churches, and has organised and led community development teams for Shop4Free (poverty alleviation). A number of medical outreaches were also carried out under her pastorate. She founded The Future Builders International (youth empowerment), Night With The King in 2004 (youth outreach) and The Encounter Womens Retreat: 2009 till date (women empowerment).

Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi is passionate about inspiring Hope in people. She is passionate about Youths and young couples, Women and ladies related issues. She addressing real life issues with men and women alike. She is extremely passionate about helping the poor with the basic things of life- Food, Healthcare, Education and Most of all preaching The message of the cross and Christ. She was raised in a polygamous home where her dad brought in a second wife when she was a teenager. This changed her perspective and crushed her view of marriage. However, when she gave her life to Christ, there was a paradigm shift. Her perspective changed. Having experienced the distresses of polygamy, she vowed never to live a polygamous life and with the help of God, she became determined to build a strong family. This has fueled her passion in helping people to find a good spouse and build successful marriages. Due to the down sides of growing up in a polygamous home, Jumoke withdrew into a shell. Hence, struggled with inter-personal relationships. This, God has helped her to overcome over time. All these, has led to her passion to help people with relational issues. Due to her background - being raised in the North, she had seen the lopsided social perception of women and she was stirred to advocate for women empowerment in a positive way. She had also seen people live in poverty and and have seen it effects on their lives. This has fueled her desire for poverty alleviation, assistance with healthcare and education.

Global Harvest Church was inaugurated on September 30, 1995, by Victor and Jumoke Adeyemi in response to God’s call on them to plant Evangelistic Churches that are committed to helping all members fulfil their destinies through the discovery, release and maximization of their God-given potentials.

In February 1986, during a week of consecration in fasting and prayer, Victor Adeyemi saw a picture of a worldwide soul winning and church planting ministry. With a passion for soul birthed out of this experience, he committed himself to a life of ministry. After obtaining a college diploma in law in 1989, he joined Rhema Chapel International Churches, Ilorin, Nigeria as a fulltime minister and became founding pastor of Rhema Chapel, Ibadan in September 1990.

He pastored the church for 5 years, planting two others in the City before resigning to establish Global Harvest Church. The church began at the Banquet Hall of Premier Hotel, soon the 500-Seater Hall was fully packed in 6 months and then the 1000-Seater Wallan Hall of D’Rovans Hotel, from where it moved in February 1998 to its permanent site in Ibadan.

His wife, Pastor Jumoke Adeyemi is the vice president of Global Harvest Church and the Lead/Senior pastor of Global Harvest Church, Maryland, Lagos-State, Nigeria. She is an international conference speaker and author, a passionate preacher, pastor and motivational speaker.

Pastor Jumoke is a mentor and pastor to pastors, leaders and many others, who is is passionate about the message of Hope, Healing and Possibilities. She is also a conference host who combines these roles gracefully with being a wife, mother and business owner.

As a coach, she is passionate about discovering potentials and talents in people and challenging them to bring out the best of what is inside of them. She has a passion for the millennials, relationships, and is very compassionate towards the poor.

As a seasoned administrator, a relationship management advisor, and a trainer of Excellence in Service Delivery, she holds a masters degree in personnel psychology and is happily married to Rev. Victor Adeyemi, the President & Senior Pastor of Global Harvest Churches. Their marriage is blessed with four wonderful adult children.

Rev Adeyemi has also authored many books and consistently engaged a vast audience on his social media pages where he shares practical insights from the Word of God and answers questions on relevant subjects. His heart of compassion is expressed through feeding and clothing interventions, medical outreaches, ministry to people with disabilities and medical outreaches as significant parts of the activities of Global Harvest Church.

Full Biography of Reverend Victor Adeyemi

Reverend Victor Adeyemi is a significant voice in the body of Christ. His ministry has led people into supernatural encounters and imparts revelation knowledge to thousands. Victor Adeyemi Ministries organizes conferences, crusades and also supports charity initiatives globally.

Part of our calling is to engage in the publishing and printing of Christian books and inspirational literatures and also the provision of quality Christian media programs and broadcasting of the same throughout the world.

As an established author, he has..... His books include

Reverend Victor Adeyemi is happily married to Pastor Jumoke Bolaji Adeyemi, with whom he oversees their growing network of churches and their union is blessed with four adult children.


Full Biography of Reverend Victor Adeyemi 


Books by Reverend Victor Adeyemi

Reverend Victor Adeyemi has written many books to his credit. You can order any of the following books from his online store here or buy from the New Man Christian Bookshop here.
  • Making Marriage Work
  • Biblical Keys to Financial Overflow
  • Enjoying Divine Direction
  • Enter Your Rest
  • Evangelism That Works
  • Making Marriage Work
  • Rise And Be Healed
  • Secrets of The Blessed
  • Seeds of Destiny
  • Servant Leadership
  • The Anointing
  • The Holy Spirit And Your


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