Biography of Reverend Tom Amenkhienan

Born August 15, Rev. Tom Amenkhienan is an exemplary leader, teacher, pastor and follower of Reverend Dr. Chris Oyakhilome. Reverend Tom is the Director of Church ministry at the Believers loveworld, popularly known as Christ's Embassy.

Reverend Tom Amenkhienan joined the Believers' Loveworld in 1983 and grew to become a member of the Central Executive Council of the Believers Loveworld. As a man who believes in Christians living dignified and excellent lives, Reverend Tom Amenkhienan has won many awards during the annual ICLC and IPPC of the Believers’ Loveworld.

Full Biography of Reverend Tom Amenkhienan

Reverend Tom Amenkhienan was born into a Roman Catholic family, with a strong influence of the Roman Catholic culture running through the entire family because his maternal grandparents were very committed and recognized leaders in the Roman Catholic Church. Growing up, he was baptized and confirmed at an early age and soon enlisted as an Altar Boy (Mass Server). According to Reverend Tom Amenkhienan, at this early age, the Priests and Reverend Fathers in charge of the local assembly (mostly foreigners, especially from Ireland), deliberately sought to groom, tailor and mentor him into becoming a Roman Catholic Priest. The did this by encouraging him to attend the Seminary once he became of age.

He grew up with this background and was indoctrinated in it until his first encounter with a Christian Group in Secondary School. It was a group from the Scripture Union who organized a fellowship in the school at the time. They preached the gospel to Reverend Tom and he attended a few of their fellowship meetings while trying to practice their teachings on holy living.

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Reverend Tom recounts that he gave up on those teachings because of the shallow understanding of the doctrine of salvation which he had at the time. His elder brother who was born again and was in the University had a strong desire to pioneer a new Youth Fellowship in the school but Reverend Tom did not take him serious despite several efforts that he made to actualize it. This was because of his earlier experience.

From that time, Reverend Tom chose to remain a committed practicing Roman Catholic until many years later when he encountered another Christian youth group which was not associated with his Roman Catholic extraction. This was precisely during the 1983/1984 academic session in his early days at the university. He was invited by a course mate to a fellowship meeting on the University Campus. Although he was disinterested and reluctant, God miraculously reached out to Him that night and he accepted the life of Christ.

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Ministering up the platform was a captivating young gentleman, our man of God, Pastor Chris, simply known at the time as Bro. Christian along with some other leaders of the fellowship.

Reverend Tom Amenkhienan is active on social media. You can connect with him via his official handles on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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