God Sees Beyond Every Action: Gospel Today Devotional - 4th January, 2023

God be praised for his help in making sure that this devotional goes out daily. It wouldn't have been possible if it were not for his grace. The new year has been quite eventful and it is my prayer that the Lord will see us through the year in peace and health. Amen.

God Sees Beyond Every Action: Gospel Today Devotional - 4th January, 2023

There's that which today's topic seems to be focused on and it is that as humans, we can not tell why people do things and there is no instrument on earth that can be used to ascertain correctly the reasons for the actions of people. However, we have one who does know the reason for which people do things as we would see in the passage of Scripture below:

"All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes, but the Lord weigheth the spirits". (Proverbs 16:2).

No one would tell you what he is doing is wrong. This is because people somehow have reasons to justify their actions. The one who steals when accused would say it because he had nothing to eat. This is what we would agree with because we do not know why he did that and we cannot even try to guess.

Let's say that's a negative scenario, how about someone who gives someone new clothes and shoes not because it was done out of love but so that people would see and applaud him? He would say he is trying to help but God knows his real motive for doing it.

Why do you do the things you do? Is it to glorify God or to seek the praise of men? Don't you pray because you want people to hear and applaud you and not because you seek the Lord? Do you fast and put on a gloomy face so that people can applaud you for fasting? Don't you go to church early for some other reasons? Is God ever in your thought? Even if men are deceived just because they see what you do alone, can you deceive God who sees beyond every action? May this bless your heart even today. Amen.

Thought for the day: God can not be deceived.  He judges the motives and not just the actions for he sees beyond every action.

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