Prayers are not enough to change Nigeria, says Anglican Primate

In a news report from The Nation Newspaper, The Primate, Archbishop, Metropolitan Church of Nigeria Most Reverend Henry Ndukuba has urged Nigerians to change the mentality that simply praying will change Nigeria. 

Prayers are not enough to change Nigeria, says Anglican Primate

According to the Cleric, Nigeria will not get the best leaders during the February 2023 general elections that will solve the nation's problem through prayers alone. 

Archbishop Ndukuba said it was time that Nigerians realised that they must match their prayers with practical actions by going to the offices of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to get their permanent voter cards to enable them to participate in the forthcoming elections. 

The Archbishop, who spoke with newsmen after he commissioned the Dental and Ear/Nose/Throat Departments of the Good Shepherd Specialist Hospital, Uwani Enugu on Saturday, also urged Nigerians to de-emphasise issues of political parties, religion and tribe and vote for individuals with character, integrity and capability to solve Nigeria's myriad of problems.

In his words, "Every Nigerian is aware of something – that things have fallen apart. It is clear that the centre cannot hold anymore because our leaders have in one way or the other, compromised the things that needed to be done for their own selfish or sectional interest. Because of that, Nigeria has become ungovernable in terms of insecurity, poor economy, poverty and all sorts of bad things," he said.

The Primate decried the high level of injustice in the country, lamenting that, "The way things have gone has not been for the good of the citizens of this nation. Those in authorities may have tried their best, but in most cases, they have lacked the political will to take a decision that will be favourable for the generality of the citizenry.

"Again, our political leaders have not shown enough interest in ensuring justice for all. A situation where some sections of the country are oppressed, the country will never be healthy. That is what Nigeria has suffered so far.

"So, ahead of next month's general elections, if you know that you want things to be better and that you don't like the way things have been going in this country, go and get your permanent voter cards and use same to make a statement on that election day. Everyone of us as citizens of Nigeria must get involved if we want things to change.

"We want to urge Nigerians not to sell their PVCs because it is their power to make a decision on January 25 when you will go out to vote. While voting, think about the politicians that will be mindful of the plights and sufferings of Nigerians.

"We are believing God that Nigeria must change for good and get better after the elections. We must continue to pray. But prayer alone is not enough. Just take action with your PVC.

"Nigerians must know that time to vote for political parties have gone. This time around, we are voting for individuals with character. So, irrespective of party, when you see a man or woman who will be able to represent us, please vote for that person".

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