According to the Oxford dictionary, Malice is defined as a feeling of hatred for somebody to cause a desire to harm them.

It also keeping a grudge against a person in order to cause them harm.

MALICE", causes, consequences and remedy to this deadly disease.


Most of times, Malice only hurts the person offended not the offender cause anytime you see, hear or read about the person, you remember the hurt or pain the offender has caused you.

Consequences of Malice

1. Hinder your blessings from God.

2. Unanswered prayers.

3. Seperation from the person.

4. Look older than your age.

5. Lack of peace of mind.

6. Dying inside, guilt.

7. Hindered help from the offender, if he/ she renders it to you.

8. Lack of helpers.

What causes Malice?

Unforgiveness causes Malice.

Why you shouldn't keep malice?

1. It hurts you, the offended not the offender.

2. God is against it (1 Corinthians 5 vs 8, 14 vs 20, Ephesians 4 vs 31, Colossians 3 vs 8, Titus 3 vs 3, 1 Peter 2 vs 1)

Remedy to malice is to forgive the person wholly and genuinely from your heart.

Remember Malice only hurts the offended not the offender.

Stay blessed

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