December 28: Today in Christian History

December 28: Today in Christian History

December 28, 1065

Although incomplete, Westminster Abbey is consecrated. King Edward the Confessor is erecting it as his burial church. He dies a week after its consecration.

December 28, 1384

Educator, Bible translator, and church reformer John Wycliffe suffers a paralyzing stroke while saying mass. He will die three days later..

December 28, 1622

Death in Lyon, France, of Francis of Sales, Bishop of Geneva and author of the popular books Introduction to the Devout Life and Treatise on the Love of God.

December 28, 1733

Aaron, son of an observant Hindu, Sokanada Pillai, is ordained in Tranquebar as India’s first Protestant minister. He will be a great asset for the Lutheran mission because he will be able to travel where Western missionaries are forbidden to go.

December 28, 1741

Diogo is ordained to the Lutheran priesthood in Tranquebar. He will convert many Portuguese from Roman Catholicism to Protestantism.

December 28, 1800

Baptism of Krishna Pal, following his conversion from Hinduism to Christianity under the teaching of William Carey and his co-workers. He will preach the gospel to fellow Indians.

December 28, 1838

Members of the Methodist North Carolina Conference secure a charter from the state legislature for Greensboro Female College.

December 28, 1948

Jacob DeShazzar, one of America’s Doolittle Raiders, returns to Japan to evangelize the country he bombed during the recently ended Second World War.

December 28

Evangelist Tolulope Mike Bamiloye, wife of Evangelist Joshua Mike-Bamiloye was born on this day

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