How Netflix is Affecting Family Values Through Children Cartoons

Today, there are many “woke”Netflix series that includes cartoons and children TV shows that may affect the basic upbringing of a child. One of such is a Cartoon featuring a boy in Tutu, dancing for his two fathers.

Woke Netflix strikes again! There is yet another children's TV show that has thrown parents and families under the bus by promoting same-sex marriage and cross dressing. 

Is it Wrong for Children to Watch Netflix?

Absolutely, NO. It’s not wrong for Hopefully you already know NOT to let your children watch Netflix, but I consider it my job and my honor to continue to keep parents and grandparents informed, so I want to warn you to watch out for Netflix's latest attack on family values!

What Kind of a content is considered Morally Right?

Episode 8 of CoComelon Lane on Netflix features a young boy dancing in a tiara and tutu as his “2 dads” proudly watch him.
Many parents have come to trust CoComelon Lane as a family friendly program for toddlers, but make no mistake, that is no longer the case!

How Does Netflix Censor Content for children?

I want to encourage you to NOT leave your child's worldview to chance. We must be the primary voice in their life, not Netflix. Read the Word of God with your children and pray with them on a daily basis. Read solid literature to them that reinforces godly prinicples - books like Little Lives Matter. 
As a reminder, we want to thank you for being faithful readers of this blog. This is the greatest community of parents, patriots, revivalists and reformers, and we are so grateful for your support and friendship. 


Netflix and many other video streaming platforms… We must understand that the destruction which the devil seeks to birth in children is

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