Forgiveness Once upon a time, there was a servant who owns his master a very huge amount of money which he was suppose to pay a week after borrowing this money but fortunately or unfortunately the day for the refund arrived but this servant is yet to gather the amount he owns his master on getting to his master's place he began to roll on the floor begging his master to give him more time to gather the money but the master was compassionate toward him and told him to standing up, clean his cloth and go on his way as a free man without collecting his money back. On getting home, this same servant set out to the house of a friend who was owing him a token. On getting to this friend's house the friend pleaded with him to exercise patience with him but he refused to listen but continued to shout and humiliate his friend. Just as expected the news of what the servant did got to the master of this young servant, he was so surprised and angry because he could still be that wicked despite how much money he forgot but yet he couldn't pardon his friend also and this pushed him into giving the servant the initial judgement ment for the servant before. Without much ado this story explains the importance of forgiveness. The master in this story represents God, The servant represents any individual who is finding it difficult to forgive and the friend in this story is anyone the unforgiveness is directed toward. Sincerely speaking, forgiving who has hurts or caused us pain is very difficult but most time we aren't forgiving this people for their own sake but rather for our own sake because the criteria for us as human to receive forgiveness from God is to be a forgiver, this point is backed up with is the daily prayer that says "our father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name,thy kingdom come, thy will be done earth, as it is in heaven, give us this day our daily an forgive us our trespasses AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASS AGAINST US. So if we truly want God's forgiveness we have to meet the condition of forgiving people we are finding it difficult to forgive. In Conclusion Forgiveness is negotiable but a must because it is a condition we have to meet to be able to receive forgiveness from God. Unforgiveness is a prison of the heart where both the sinner and the person finding it difficult to forgive can't move forward because one is the warder and the other the prisoner and warder is not free because he/she need to monitor the prisoner and that mean indirectly the warder is not free. I pray the holy spirit grants us the heart of understanding.

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