Seeking God

SEEKING GOD So yesterday we talked about humility being one of the important factors that we need as a christian to pray using the concept in 2 chronicles 7 vs 14 but the work will be incomplete if we just stop there so we are going into the next word that follows the word pray which is seek my face. Praying only is not ever after praying we have to seek his face and seeking based on my understanding requires patience and waiting. Seeking can be painful sometimes because it requires commitment, time and some work from the seeker. Let's take for instance a child seeking the attention of his/her mother, the child does not just sit and wait for the mother to come,the child has to do something even while waiting so as to really get the mother attention and whatever this child is doing requires work (crying, calling out, throwing tantrum and dragging the mothers clothes) same thing with when we are seeking the face of God. We don't just pray and then go our way saying we've prayed and God should be satisfied. The thing is after praying what are you doing to get God's attention or response? Are you calm enough to get a response from him? Because a child who really wants to get the attention of the mother doesn't just cry, the child complements these actions by also being expectant and by waiting. Seeking is a two way thing, like a two way communication between two people, the seeker has to wait for the response of the person whose attention he or she is seeking. In conclusion praying and seeking God is a two way communication, so whenever you pray , tarry to seek God face for a response, the response does not have to be dramatic, it can just be a verse of the bible popping up in your heart or maybe a word if wisdom from people around you or maybe a pat=rt of the bible standing out while you are studying your bible, just make sure you are attentive to the prompt of the spirit after praying. I pray the holy spirit grants us understanding.

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