6 Ways to Increase Your Gospel Music Streams Online

If you’re a fellow music enthusiast like myself, you will agree with me on that one thing which can uplift our spirits, bring joy to our hearts, and unite us in faith - it's gospel music!

As someone who simply loves music, especially the soul lifting melodies, lyrics and powerful messages found in gospel songs, I am here at your services to share with you 6 important ways of increasing your gospel music streams online.

Whether you're an aspiring gospel artist seeking to spread your message or a devout listener eager to discover new soulful sounds, join me as we dive into 6 simple yet effective strategies to amplify the reach of gospel music in the digital realm.

1. Engagement with Audience

This is a very crucial part of ensuring your targeted audience stream your music. Your online presence is very important because people are not just moved my the lyrics of a song or the beats and melodies but people want to have a feel of the face behind the sound. As you can see, may secular music artist always come up with live concert just to engage their audience. So, find a way to have an online presence and engage with your audience especially as an upcoming artist.

2. Collaboration with major artist

This is make you reach a wider range of audience that you may not reach in the next few years all by yourself. Moses Bliss took up a young guy named Neeja at the time that his audience were just more of TikTokers (The Gen Z) but now, his audience has surpassed that. You can build a strong networking chain with other artist by attending functions that is related to the music industry and build friendship. This will ease the stress of trying to figure it all by yourself.

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3. Create compelling Content

This literally means that you should turn to a content creator. You can shoot a behind the scene during one of your recordings, how you were going over the song a billion times just to perfect the song or shoot a video with your friends singing the song together dancing or worshipping God.

4. Utilize Streaming Platforms

Ensure you do not put up your music on platforms that are unpopular, instead uses popular streaming platforms like Spotify, Audiomack, YouTube Music etc. This will enable you reach a wider audience.

5. Promote your Music

You should make use of the online advertising, press release etc to promote your music. You should not be too relaxed and expect that your music will go viral on its own especially when you are just building your music audience. Put your music out continuously and of course,it will pay off soonest.

6. Release continuously

Let it become a part of your schedule to ensure that you keep your audience engaged with your music and to always return for more music. Do not stop at one release, keep releasing new songs as it creates a track record of your music career.


Remember, with dedication, passion, and these proven strategies, your gospel music streams are bound to reach new heights.

 Keep shining your light through music.

NOTE: Image displayed above is a picture of Akinmoju Abiodun James, State Music Director CENCO Phase 2023/2024 and was photographed by the Publicity Unit, Nigerian Christian Corpers’ Fellowship, Ebonyi State Chapter. Rights Reserved.

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