Biography of Prophet Timothy Obadare

 For nearly four decades, the resounding call of "Glory be to God in heaven" echoed across Nigerian airwaves, particularly in the southwest region, unmistakably associated with Apostle Timothy Oluwole Obadare. Known as one of Nigeria's indigenous prophets, Obadare held significant roles including General Evangelist of the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) Worldwide, Executive Director of World Soul-Winning Evangelistic Ministry (WOSEM), and President of the Interdenominational Ministers’ Association of Nigeria (IMA). 

Transitioning from The Apostolic Church (TAC), where he served for four years from 1953 to 1957, Obadare was invited by Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola into the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC) in 1957, remaining devoted to the Church until his passing on March 21, 2013, marking an impressive fifty-six-year tenure.

Timothy Oluwole's exact birth date remains uncertain, with some documents indicating 1925 while others suggest 1930, although the latter appears more widely accepted. Born in Ise-Ilesa, now part of Osun State, Nigeria, he was the son of Pastor David and Mrs. Felicia Obadare, both devout members of the Apostolic Church of Nigeria. 

Raised in a family deeply rooted in religious service, Timothy's upbringing reflected a strong ecclesiastical influence, with all four of his brothers serving as ministers and his sister married to a clergyman. His father, initially a farmer, answered the call to ministry and later relocated to Oke-Eso, Ilesa, where he continued his pastoral work within the denomination.

Despite attending the Apostolic Church Primary School in Ise-Ilesa, Timothy's education was cut short due to an eye problem stemming from a severe smallpox outbreak in his community. Unfortunately, efforts by his parents to restore his sight proved unsuccessful, leading to permanent blindness in both eyes. Seeking medical help, he was taken to a missionary hospital in Lagos, where doctors confirmed the irreparable damage to his eyes. 

However, they suggested that God had granted him "invisible eyes" with heightened perception, a notion that proved prophetic. This adversity prompted Timothy to seek divine intervention, leading to a profound encounter with God at the age of seven and culminating in his baptism of the Holy Spirit in February 1949.

Despite facing challenges with his eyesight, Obadare remained resolute and focused on fulfilling what he believed to be his divine calling. Despite lacking formal Western education in his early years, he pursued theological training after his spiritual calling. 

In 1954, he enrolled in the Apostolic Church Theological Seminary for theological education. Over time, he received numerous honorary degrees and memberships from international institutions, highlighting his dedication and impact. These accolades include a Doctor of Ministry degree from St. John’s University, Missouri in 1985, membership in the International Affairs Leadership Parliament (MIALP) of the Golden State University, Los Angeles, and the International Theological Seminary of Desoto and Honolulu University, Hawaii. Additionally, he was honored with an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from Trinity College of Ministerial Arts, Aba, Nigeria in 1990.

Feeling God's call upon his life, Timothy willingly surrendered himself to be a vessel for God's use. This commitment led to numerous encounters with the divine. In 1952, one such encounter served as a confirmation of his ministry calling. During ten days of fasting and prayer mandated by God for all members of the Apostolic Church, Timothy experienced what could be described as a spiritual ordination. This profound experience occurred on the tenth day of the program, during a typical Sunday morning service.

In 1953, Obadare embarked on his journey as an evangelist within the Apostolic Church of Nigeria, likely influenced by his father's pastoral role within the denomination. Following a revival organized by Brother Paul and Dr. Thomas Whayad that lasted until mid-April of that year, Obadare felt compelled by the need for more messengers to spread God's word. Despite his physical disability, he resolved to make himself available for God's work and challenged God to utilize him. 

Recognizing the importance of the Holy Spirit in ministry, Obadare fervently prayed for this essential spiritual empowerment. He even went so far as to request his mother to confine him to a room, where he engaged in prolonged fasting and prayer, seeking the divine power exemplified by the church's evangelists. It was during this intense period of devotion that Obadare experienced a divine visitation on the fifth day of his prayer session, an encounter he vividly described.

“On the fifth day, I did not hear any sound of this world again. In that room, it seemed to me that I was there with over thirty people; I no longer had the feeling that I was there alone. It was in this room I was given twenty-one keys. God spoke to me a lot, and they were confidential issues about my mission, my life, my nation, and my future. Also, my head was opened at the left-hand side and a copy of the Holy Bible was deposited there and the place was sealed up.”

Coming out from the room on the seventh day, Obadare proceeded directly to the church, where he delivered a sermon lasting four hours, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. This marked the inception of miraculous occurrences within Obadare’s ministry, as approximately 350 individuals afflicted by a cough epidemic in Ilesa were divinely healed through his ministry.

Numerous divine acts characterized Timothy Obadare's ministry, as reported by his biographers. One remarkable instance involved a pregnant woman enduring labor for an entire week without delivering her baby. Timothy was passing by the woman's house and learned of her plight. He observed the woman's mother, seated and vigorously rocking herself on a mortar. This action, unbeknownst to the daughter, inflicted spiritual pain and hindered her from giving birth. Sensing the spiritual impediment, Timothy instructed the mother to get up from the mortar, rebuking her in the name of Jesus Christ. 

As soon as her mother got up from the mortar, her daughter promptly delivered the baby. Upon investigation, it was revealed that the mother's harsh actions stemmed from her daughter's failure to provide her with a fresh goat's heart, resulting in a misguided attempt to punish her. Without Timothy Obadare's intervention, the situation could have proved fatal, and the pregnant woman would have died if not for the saving power of Christ demonstrated through his ministry.

His Early Ministry:

In its early stages, Christianity in Nigeria was primarily introduced by missionary efforts. However, over time, Nigerians, especially in the southwest region, developed various expressions of the faith in response to missionary Christianity. This evolution led to the emergence of Ethiopian Churches from 1888 to 1917, followed by the rise of African Indigenous Churches, also known as Aladura Churches, and eventually the proliferation of Pentecostal and Charismatic Churches. Within Yorubaland, indigenous charismatic figures and prophets arose, including Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola, whose ministry evolved into the Christ Apostolic Church (CAC).

While Western missionaries initially introduced Christianity, it was the indigenous churches and their prophets who adapted the faith to African contexts, demonstrating the power of God in their ministries. Apostle Babalola, a prominent figure in this movement, played a pivotal role in founding the CAC, which became a significant force in Nigerian Christianity. Before his passing in 1959, Babalola brought a young evangelist into the church who would later become known as Prophet Timothy Oluwole Obadare. Obadare's ministry significantly contributed to the growth and expansion of the CAC.

Apostle Obadare received numerous honorary accolades throughout his lifetime, including a Doctor of Ministry degree from St. John’s University, Missouri in 1985. Additionally, he was granted membership in prestigious institutions such as the International Affairs Leadership Parliament (MIALP) of the Golden State University of Los Angeles, the International Theological Seminary of Desoto, and Honolulu University in Hawaii. Furthermore, he was honored with an Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree from Trinity College of Ministerial Arts in Aba, Imo State, Nigeria in 1990.

Prophet Dr. Obadare held significant roles within the Christ Apostolic Church, serving as the second Apostle for the mission and as the General Evangelist due to his exceptional ministerial gift. Additionally, he founded the World Soul-Winning Evangelistic Ministry (W.O.S.E.M), establishing hundreds of worship centers globally. Furthermore, he served as the President of the Interdenominational Ministers’ Association of Nigeria (IMA), among other leadership positions in the ministry.

During his crusades, God's power manifested through miraculous signs and wonders, leading to the salvation of thousands and the restoration of sight to hundreds of blind individuals. Countless barren women conceived, and numerous individuals were healed from various afflictions including long-standing illnesses, demonic attacks, and mental disorders. These extraordinary events mirrored the miracles recounted in the Bible, attesting to the divine presence in Obadare's ministry. 

Apostle Obadare passed away on March 21, 2013, at the age of 83, leaving behind his wife, Evangelist E.A. Obadare, six children, and numerous grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Glory be to God for the remarkable life and ministry of Apostle Obadare.

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