5 Golden Growth Tips for Gospel Musicians

5 Golden Growth Tips for Gospel Musicians

Every day, gospel music ministers and artistes spring up following a divine instruction from God. While this is great progress for the body of Christ and a plus to the variety of songs we have as Christians, it is important to note that a truly good music requires extra efforts. This is why our team at the New Man Music record label has compiled a few growth tips to help you grow as a gospel music minister or artiste.

1. Always Produce Good Music

The fact that you are a Christian does not mean that you should only catch the spiritual sounds from the angels and pack them into a single for the body of Christ. Instead, you should deliberately ensure that there is a record of excellence in the music production. Christianity and the worship of God should not include anything less than excellence and you should care about producing great music with the heavenly sounds you have received.

2. Visualize your Dreams

In Habakkuk, the Lord asked the prophet to "Write the vision and engrave it plainly on [clay] tablets So that the one who reads it will run." This scripture reminds me of an interview with Minister Mercy Chinwo after she won the Nigerian Idol. In the interview, she was asked about the future of her music career and where she wanted to see herself in about five years. She responded saying that she wanted a life of impact and influence, especially over youths in Africa. Now, while she was clear about her vision and dreams, one thing is certain - those visions expanded and got clearer with time. Today, she is a worldwide known music artiste, spreading the joy of the Lord through her gift and influence. In that same way, be willing to visualise your dreams regarding music and the steps needed to get there (Be a goal getter).

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3. Build Quality Relationships

Another important growth tip for gospel musicians and artistes is to build quality relationships with like minded people. One thing Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak would always say is the fact that quality relationships will get you everything and more than money can buy.

4. Cherish Feedback

Many times, you will not be honest to tell yourself the truth like someone else will. As a gospel music minister or artiste, it is important that you love constructive criticism. Always seek feedback and when you get them, use it to better your self. You can check out Nelson Vincent's article here on how to handle criticisms as a believer to help you learn to understand feedback and learn to manage harsh criticism.

5. Improve your Passion

It is one thing to have the passion and love for music. At the same time, it is another thing to improve your passion. Engage in musical training sessions, invest your time and money to hone your music skills.

6. Be Diligent

If you keep working hard, your results will come. In Proverbs 22:29, King Solomon in his wisdom tells us that a man who is diligent in his works will stand before kings and not before mere men.

In conclusion, it is important to mention to all artistes, producers and session musicians that being
successful is much more than talent; it's possibly 90% hard work and 10%. These growth tips can be adopted by musicians anywhere and even gospel artistes in the secular industry (that is, believers in the entertainment industry as a marketplace for God’s exploits).

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