It’s Okay to Struggle with Your Sexuality - Ayegun Oluwatimehin Timigrace

Our society today holds many wrong beliefs about sex and sexuality, especially as regards sexual purity. These wrong beliefs strongly influence the way we relate with one another. In today’s interview, we spoke with Ayegun Oluwatimilehin Timigrace, a sexual purity advocate and relationship coach who shares her thoughts on sexual purity.

1. Can we meet you?

Guest: I am Ayegun Oluwatimilehin (Timigrace), a sexual purity advocate, relationship coach and a facilitator for teenagers and youths. I am passionate about raising sexual puritans. I also enlighten teenagers and youths on the effects of premarital sex, teenage pregnancy and adolescent parenthood. I hope to pitch the tent of sexual purity in all countries of the world; and build a peaceful and restful place where teenage mothers can come home to in Africa countries.
With the zeal for sexual purity and the anger for the damage that premarital sex, teenage pregnancy and adolescent parenthood have caused in our societies I started the Valued Vessel Initiative (VAVE) formerly known as TimiGrace Institute for Teenager's Initiative (TINTI). It is an initiative that has hosted several programs with the aim of advocating for sexual purity! 

I am also the convener of PURITY IN THE STREET; a movement that reaches out to teenagers from house to house on the need for sexual purity. The impact of this movement has been felt across the 6 Yoruba states in Nigeria: (Ekiti, Ogun, Osun, Lagos, Kwara and Oyo states).  I also initiated a secondary school club called: Puritan's Club where students are taught the possibilities of staying sexually pure, understanding their sexuality and gaining mastery over it.
Also, the yearly online conference tagged RefinedTemple Conference has reached out to over 7,000 youths and teenagers since it's commencement three years ago. 

Alongside, I run an inner circle called TimiGrace Tribe on Telegram where I mentor young ladies to become best version of themselves.

I am also a public speaker and teacher. I have taught and spoken on different platforms both offline and online including RCCG National Headquarters Ebutte Metta Lagos-State. By God’s grace, many teenagers and youths have been impacted through my relentless effort in raising a generation who can be a model to next the generations  with the great mantra: 'Making a trans-generational impact.'

2. Kindly share your Salvation Story.

Guest: Well, my salvation story started 4 years ago and it’s quite amazing what God has been doing with my life since then till now. I got born again in 2018 and I have a very unique story because it wasn't an answer to an altar call. It was during a conversation with one of my spiritual father when a light broke forth from our conversation. I went back home that day ruminating over our conversation and right there on my bed I made up my mind to follow Christ with the entirety of my life. That was how my journey started! Unique right? I know. From then till now, many conscious efforts have been made to gain spiritual stature and maturity with the help of My Anchor! Jesus! 


3. How did you know God's will for you to become a Sexual Purity Advocate? Kindly share your story on Sexual Purity.

Guest: What an amazing thing to recount! I know I'm called to sexual purity advocacy as I began my journey through self and purpose discovery. My story could be traced to the passion to make a difference. I was born and brought up in a community where sexual immorality is a norm. Many times, I heard stories of how ladies offer their bodies for two hundred naira and this stirs up the anger in me each time. This prompted me. I believe that ladies are virtues and systems of advantage to the society if they only walk in this identity and reality. Not long after, I saw that there was more to the grief and the anger I felt. I saw that I was called to take on this mountain and that it has been sold out to me. That was how it all started, and I'm not letting down the guard.

4. Do you think it's really possible to erase the view that sexual purity is an old school concept?

Guest: Everyone is entitled to their beliefs, but we are a people of one audience, Jesus! He's cheering us on because we are acting the script He has given to us. We have a template we are running with. Everyone may not subscribe to the concept of sexual purity as a possibility but according to God’s word in Romans 12:1, we have all been called to purity and keeping our bodies as a temple of God is the highest level of service we can give unto God. 

5. In what ways are you trying to preach the gospel of sexual purity?

Guest: Between 2019 and 2022, we have reached out to over 15,000 youths and teenagers through our various projects in partnership with God. We have our secondary school outreaches quarterly, Puritan's club, Purity in the street and the Refined Temple Conference annually. We also maximise social media - we have YouTube and Telegram channels and several other online classes on sexual purity.

6. As a Christian teen coach, what do you think about the rising LGBTQ communities?

Guest: Anyone could see the LGBTQ community (LGBTQ) as a threat to the sanity and purity of this generation, but we are fixed firmly on the solid rock. We won't stop doing what we have been commissioned to do until every nook and cranny hears and believe that sexual purity is a possibility.

7. Also, what do you think about the future of parenting?

Guest: The future of parenting will be a great if we have parents that are intentional about parenting. Parents should see themselves as scriptwriters and potters who are writing the entirety of their children's life and also moluding their destinies in partnership with God. But I'm afraid we have very few on this table and the fact that we have more children parenting children is more scary! I'm presently reading a book titled: "How to be a hero to your kids" and the authors (Josh McDowell and Dick Day) spelt out how to be a model to your children. I have drawn my conclusion that parenting is a ministry.


8. Your bio says you are a published author. Kindly tell us about your book(s).

Guest: My book is titled: "Amendable". It's basically a call to every sexual addict who has given up on themselves that they are master pieces! It talks about how to overcome every form of sexual addiction and how to stay sexually pure. Most of the chapters have Confessions and Exercises for the readers to know how well they are doing in the process. Since it was published on 14th of January 2020, there has been amazing reviews and we have given out several copies as freebies. One of the packages that comes with getting the book is free counseling for we know that most addicts can't walk through the process alone. 


9. For a personal question, I have noticed that you are keen on spiritual retreats. What do retreats mean to you and how do they help your Walk with God?

Guest: To me, retreats are a means of rejuvenating my inner man. A retreat is a get away with the Holy Spirit, and a means to be energized and restrategise. Retreats are a must for every believer who sees spiritual growth as important.


10. What's your typical day like as a believer?

Guest: Well, most time my day ends by 1:30am. My morning routine includes Prayer, Mediation, Journaling and Confession. One of my core values is RESOURCEFULNESS. So, I go to bed every nights asking: “TimiGrace! What new thing have you added up today? Have you read a chapter of a book today? Have you watched a video today? Have you read an article today? Have you listened to an audio message today?” I also listen to chants and songs as this keeps me going throughout the day. 


11. Your bio also says you're an event planner and consultant. Adding this with your background as a sexual purity Advocate, what do you think about the Big Brother Naija Show? Do you think Christians can fund and grow reality shows and events in like manner?

Guest: Big Brother Naija is a show sponsored against the sanity and purity of this generation and I believe the earlier we get to work, the better. This is why I always say that we need more labourers on the field of sexual purity advocacy. There is no better time to stand up for your call than now if you are have a mandate as such. You need to emerge! My fear is that if Christians sponsor a reality show like Big Brother Naija will their souls still prosper? 


12. What are your final words to young believers who are struggling with sexual purity?

Guest: First, it's okay to struggle with your sexuality! Sounds quite unbelievable that a sexual purity advocate could say such? Well, I say again, it's okay to struggle with your sexuality as a youngster but what does it looks like? Sexual purity is a warfare because it's the last bullet that the devil has shot into this generation. Make sure you rise anytime you fall. I would love to give a copy of my book to anyone struggling with any form of sexual addiction. Reach out to me via [email protected]

On a final note, giving the wheel to Jesus will a make difference in your struggle with sexual purity. Do not  think that you can do it without Him. Jesus Christ must be at the centre of your decision to stay sexually pure.

If you’d like to connect with Timigrace, kindly subscribe to her YouTube Channel or follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can also learn more about her sexual purity advocacy via her website here.

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