New Man Gospel Writing Contest 2022 Shortlisted Entries

New Man Gospel Writing Contest 2022 Shortlisted Entries

On the 11th of March, 2022, we officially closed our submission portal for entries into the New Man Gospel Writing Contest 2022. By closing our submission portal, we can then proceed to the second stage of the writing contest which involves a dual voting process for only shortlisted candidates.

If your entry was not shortlisted here, it basically means that you did not fulfil the conditions stated for entries as published in our call for entries.

The voting process entails:

  1. Judges Assessment and Ratings: Here, our judges will go through every entry and give their remarks and votes. This process takes 70%.
  2. Entry Voting: In this case, every shortlisted entry is required to access the unique voting links to their entries as seen below. Shortlisted participants are required to share these links with family and friends who in turn will vote for them via the comment section on our website. This process takes 30%.

Here is a list of shortlisted entries in the New Man Gospel Writing Contest 2022. Please note that these entries are arranged in no particular order.


Poetry Category

  1. Burning Altars by Ande Dooshima
  2. A Theandric Mix by Segun Arukuje
  3. Better the end, it's yet dawn by Popoola Samuel
  4. Burning Altars by Saheed Sunday
  5. Burning Altars by Elijah Stephen
  6. Burning Heart by Akobi Moses Oluwasegun
  7. Burning Altars by Jesutomiwo Adebumowa
  8. Burning Altars by Sam Adeseyoju
  9. Coal by Victoria Ilemobayo
  10. No Longer a Slave; The Bright and Burning Child of God by Oluwagbenga Asalu
  11. Fiery Desire by Bamidele Imisioluwa Deborah
  12. In Zion by Victoria Ilemobayo
  13. Unimpeachable Sacred (The Burning Altar) by Hiral Lathia
  14. Fierce by Overcomer Ibiteye
  15. Of Priesthood & Burning Altars by Olajuwon Joseph
  16. wHISper by Ifeoluwa Wisdom Momoh
  17. Burning Altars by Goodness Temidayo
  18. Burning Altars by Precious Bioku
  19. Song of Burning by Osho Tunde Matthew
  20. Dying Embers by Gideon Promise
  21. Burning Altars by Ude Emmanuel
  22. Burning Altar by Ogunsanya Emmanuel Oluwatobi
  23. Burning Altars by Balogun Motunrayo Olabisi
  24. Burning Altars by Timmy Gold
  25. The Burning Altar by Oluwatobi Ogunyemi Abiodun
  26. Visit a World Like Ours by Faniyi Oluwatomiwa Elijah
  27. Ablaze by Peculiar Olujobi
  28. A Burning Altar by Olatunji Zion 
  29. Come to the Point of a Burning Altar by Bibi Asher Benson
  30. Burning Altars by Oyedele Taiwo
  31. Fiery Fire by Samuel Dahunsi
  32. Burning Altars by Popoola Emmanuel Ayomide 
  33. Prayer by Ogedengbe Ifemayowa
  34. Fireplace by Adesina Ajala
  35. The Fiery Warrior by Olufemi Precious Oluwadamilola
  36. Flames by Jeremiah Samson
  37. A Burning Altar by Favour Oyetunji
  38. Burning Altars by Ibosiola Abisola 
  39. The Pot of Fire by Olayinka Oluwadamilola
  40. The Burning Altars by Samuel Olajide
  41. The Revived Altar by Elizabeth Feranmi Ayoola
  42. The Writer’s Reformation by Bamidele Toluwatounfunmi
  43. Thy First Love by Deinduomo Blessing Seifiniere
  44. The Burning Altars by Oluwafunmilayo Ayobami
  45. The Burning Altars by Adigun Helen Oluwaseun
  46. Allow me to Speak to the King in You by Emediong Ebong 
  47. Burning Altars by Ibosiola Abisola
  48. Burning Altars by Caleb Ayeni
  49. Burnt Altar by Godfirst Ponjul  Ndam  
  50. Keep the Fire burning by Olarinde Elijah Pelumi 
  51. Burning Altar by Modupe Mercy Oluwatuyi
  52. While Men Slept by Omole Glory
  53. My Altar His Fire by Ese Gift Orakpoghenor
  54. Altar of Love by Eniolaoluwanimi Pitan
  55. Revive Me by Olufemi Precious Oluwadamilola
  56. Fire on the Altar by Obasond Daniel


Prose/Short Story Category

  1. A Cry of Deviance by Olajuwon Joseph
  2. Burning Altars by Aliceson Tambe Achare Enonchong
  3. Living My Mother's World by Okoronkwo Chisom
  4. The Mandate by Ruth Adeola Atoyebi
  5. Cold for few Minutes by Joy Ogbitse
  6. Thinned out(1) - Augustine Susan
  7. Burning Altar (Prose) by Ajibade Taiwo Festus
  8. The New Man by Taiwo Bello
  9. Burning Altars by Ugbu Lois 
  10. In the Den by Grace Peter Umaru
  11. The Burning Altar by Bibi Asher Benson
  12. Burning Altars by Flourish Enyinna
  13. Living Sacrifice by Ibukun Elizabeth  
  14. Burning Altars by Adebayo David
  15. Best Discovery by Stephen Happiness
  16. A Grain of Hope by Popoola Samuel
  17. The Clarion Call by Eloyi Momoh
  18. Igniting Men by Ajayi Taiwo 
  19. Shade's Fear by Peter Gana
  20. Primary Assignment by Somkene Johnbosco 
  21. Burning Altars by Masika Joseph
  22. Ceaseless Fire by Pearce Pelumi 
  23. Burning Altars by Wunmi Akinshipe
  24. The Watchmen by Kehinde Olu Osuolale
  25. The Burning Altar by Akintade Ayodeji


Essay/Article Category

  1. Burning Altars by Ande Dooshima
  2. Burning Altars by Deborah Oyelade
  3. Burning Altars - The Acceptable Sacrifices by Esther Ojo
  4. Burning Altars by Elijah Stephen
  5. Burning Altars by Sam Adeseyoju
  6. Burning Altars by Oluwagbemisola Temitope
  7. Burning Altars by Ologun Opeyemi
  8. Burning Altar by Ajibade Taiwo Festus
  9. Burning Altars by Kpakete Rowland
  10. Burning Altars by Folaranmi Wande
  11. Burning Altar by The Cross Blogger Abimbola
  12. Burning Altars by Goodness Temidayo
  13. Burning Altars by Nonye Tobe
  14. Burning Altars by Glory Oyesiji
  15. Fire on the Altar by Samuel Aliu
  16. Keep the Fire Burning by Filani Olabanji
  17. Burning Altars by Glory Edet
  18. Burning Altars by Olatunji Zion
  19. The burning Altar by Raji Ifedolapo Emmanuel
  20. Burning Altars by Egbeyale Omobonike
  21. Burning Altars by Abel Aynajei
  22. The Burning Altar by Iteye Oghenemairo 
  23. The Heart as an Altar by Damilola Jacobs
  24. The Apostles by Daniel Thomas
  25. Burning Altar by Abolade Bolatito Ifeoluwa 
  26. The Altar of Sexual Purity (The Elijah Syndrome) by Emediong Ebong
  27. Burning Altars by Grace Eyiolawi  


 Drama Category

  1.  Altar by Akobi Moses Oluwasegun
  2. The Blazing Altar by Victor Ogar 
  3. Fire in their Bones by Deinduomo Blessing Seifiniere
  4. My Altar by Ilesagba Bamidele


Now, Congratulations if your name and entry/entries successfully made it to this shortlist. We have arrived at this final shortlist of entries following a tough selection process. By this, the voting stage for this writing contest is officially open and you can start requesting for votes. Kindly follow the instructions below to proceed to the voting phase of this writing contest.

  1. All voting shall take place via the comment section of your unique links our website.
  2. If your entry was shortlisted above, kindly click on your entry title to copy the link to your entry page. Share these links with your friends and family.
  3. This Voting stage is strictly by comments. To make a comment, you must have a registered gmail address. We have deactivated anonymous comments to stop the activities of robots. This contest is not holding on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platforms to ensure that you do not buy comments or likes for any reason. As such, be careful not to engage in any suspicious activity to increase your comments (votes) on your entry page.
  4. Your friends, family and other voters MUST vote under your own entry page. So, ensure that you are sharing the right links with them. Any votes wrongly placed will not count.
  5. You are advised to read each entry before you vote. That way, you will be sure that such entry worths your votes.
  6. You can vote for multiple entries.
  7. Multiple votes from one user on a specific entry page does not count. If such multiple votes are made in error, only one vote will be recorded.
  8. You can make one vote per day. Also, votes tagged as Unknown or Anonymous does not count.
  9. You may delete your votes (comments) if you no longer want to vote for an entry.
  10. Voting commences by 6pm on March 13th and runs through till March 31st, 2022.


If you have any issues with these pages, have questions or would like to request further information, kindly send a message to our representative by clicking here

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  1. Contestant 42 (Tolu) for the Win!

    Her work is amazing!!!

  2. Voting for Susan Augustine


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